A Letter from Ray Yungen: Is Lighthouse Trails “Haters?”

by Ray Yungen Lighthouse Trails author Recently, at a large Christian youth event, Lighthouse Trails was indirectly referred to as “haters” because of our articles and books exposing the emerging church movement. We realize that many people think ministries like Lighthouse Trails are mean-spirited, hateful and derive pleasure from causing trouble for others. On the … [Read more…]

Rob Bell and the Dalai Lama – A Dream Come True?

In the mid 1970s interreligious efforts began within the monastic stream of the Catholic church with the hope that a mystical (East-West) spirituality could be absorbed into Christianity at large. Thomas Keating, Basil Pennington, and David Steindl-Rast were among those who shared this vision and effort, as was Swami Satchidananda, and eventually the Dalai Lama. … [Read more…]