NOTICE TO PARENTS: Christian Schools Introducing Teens to Mysticism Proponent

THIS IS A SPECIAL ALERT! The following Audio clip is a sermon by Rob Bell. In this audio, Bell leads the audience through a meditation exercise and talks about various aspects of contemplative spirituality. Please use caution when listening to this audio file (not suitable for children). Click here for audio file. Lighthouse Trails has … [Read more…]

Ancient Wisdom for Babies

In our recent article, Jesus Camp, Film Reveals the Mystical and the Militant, Not Biblical Christianity, it was clear to see that children have become victims to contemplative spirituality and the New Age. As we mentioned in the article, kids are being led into dangerous meditative trances. Another example of this is an upcoming conference … [Read more…]

Back to School

Are Christian High Schools Promoting Contemplative Spirituality?  In a few weeks, high schoolers will be returning to school, and many of them will be going to Christian high schools. Are Christian schools falling into the snare of contemplative/emerging spirituality as are Christian colleges and seminaries? And how many unknowing, devoted parents are placing their teens … [Read more…]