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Ask Your Local Library to Bring in Copies of Lighthouse Trails Books

Many of our readers may not realize that Lighthouse Trails Publishing has numerous different wholesale outlets (SpringArbor, CBD, Anchor, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.*) where our books can be purchased. One of those outlets is Baker and Taylor. Baker and Taylor is the main distributor that services libraries across the United States. Since Lighthouse Trails began fifteen years ago, Baker and Taylor has purchased numerous copies of Lighthouse Trails books that now sit on library shelves throughout America.

If you would like to see Lighthouse Trails books on your local library shelves, just call or visit your local library and ask the librarian to bring into circulation particular books of ours. You may need the ISBN numbers, which you can find on the back cover of all of our books. We also include the ISBN numbers of all our books in our catalog.**

Having your local library bring in Lighthouse Trails books will do two things: first, you can enjoy reading our books at no cost to you; and second, it provides an opportunity for people who are not familiar with Lighthouse Trails books to read these books.

* Note #1: Even though our profit margin is greatly reduced when books are purchased through these wholesale outlets because of the high discounts they require from us, we believe these outlets have provided a much greater reach in readership for our materials.

** Note #2: If you do not have a copy of a title you wish to see in your local library, you can find the ISBN number for each of our books in our catalog. We only include ISBN numbers in our catalog for books that we actually publish. If you don’t see an ISBN number on a book in the catalog, it is because that is not our own book. Click here to view a PDF version of the latest Lighthouse Trails catalog, or e-mail us at and request one be sent to you by mail.

News Article Highlights Lighthouse Trails: “A Book Publisher’s Beacon Shining in the Dark”

LTRP Note: The following article written by veteran journalist Jim Fletcher is highlighting Lighthouse Trails. While we are so encouraged by such an article, we hesitated in posting it on our own site because we don’t want to be guilty of taking glory for ourselves when God is the one who should receive glory for anything good that comes out of this ministry. But because we’ve heard so many stories from readers trying to share our material with pastors, leaders, family, and church members only to be told “don’t listen to Lighthouse Trails,” we thought this article might help  readers share information from Lighthouse Trails. We count it a privilege to stand with you in the defense of the Gospel when doing so in today’s church and world can be very difficult.

“A Book Publisher’s Beacon Shining in the Dark”

Jim Fletcher

By Jim Fletcher

In my previous life as a book publisher editor, it was my privilege to work with important authors like Henry Morris (the “father” of the modern creationism movement) and Berit Kjos (a leading researcher into cults).

In the past two decades, Christian book publishing has descended into an ideological abyss. A willingness by that community’s leadership to allow non-believers into the fold ensured that Christian publishing would decline. Sure, record sales came from a handful of (mostly dreadful) titles (like “Jesus Calling”). Overall, though, it is quite ironic that strategic decisions made decades ago, for business reasons, signaled the beginning of the end for Christian book publishing.

Of course it exists today; dozens of publishing houses remain, and if you listen to biased researchers like Ed Stetzer, you would believe evangelical leadership is still surging, still strong.

The proof is there to see, however. Leading Christian retail bookstore chain Family Christian Stores just ended and the shockwaves from that exit will be felt for a long time.

Recently I had a publishing representative tell me that selling books to a bookstore is now “almost impossible.”

Only the most innovative houses will continue to live. One I admire greatly is the team at Lighthouse Trails Publishing. A West Coast-based company, Lighthouse Trails exists to equip the saints. There can be no greater agenda, especially today as terrible influences are flooding the American church. Click here to continue reading.

Lighthouse Trails Readers Being Told: “Don’t Listen to Lighthouse Trails!”

Used with permission from

By Lighthouse Trails Editors

Recently, two different Lighthouse Trails readers informed us of a similar situation. In the first situation, our reader was told by a well-known Christian radio host in the midwest to stay clear of Lighthouse Trails. When our reader asked this person why, the radio host said “because Lighthouse Trails goes after everybody.” In the second situation, a Lighthouse Trails reader was told by his pastor that Lighthouse Trails shouldn’t be listened to “because they get their facts wrong.”

In both cases, the accuser of Lighthouse Trails gave no examples of where Lighthouse Trails got it wrong. Basically, they provided no evidence, just slander.

We have heard these kinds of things almost from the beginning of Lighthouse Trails: e.g., Lighthouse Trails takes things out of context; Lighthouse Trails practices guilt by association; Lighthouse Trails editors are liars, deceivers, and so forth.

What we have never heard from any accuser is examples of where we took things out of context, got our facts wrong, lied, deceived, and so forth.

We have always asked, when given the opportunity, for even one or two examples of where we did these things. To date, no one has ever come forth and given us such examples. We have heard stories of pastors telling their entire congregations not to listen to Lighthouse Trails; we have endured false accusations by Rick Warren and other leaders, but they have never given specifics. . . just vague untrue accusations.

Fourteen years of this kind of treatment toward Lighthouse Trails has not been easy to endure, especially in view of the fact that our main goal is to contend for the biblical faith and defend the message of the Gospel against dangerous unbiblical teachings and practices. It isn’t as if we are trying to introduce strange and new heretical ideas into the church. And while we are not trying to say we are infallible (goodness knows we are not) or that we have done everything perfectly and never made a mistake, we must strongly affirm that we do not lie, deceive, take things out of context, nor do we go “after everybody”; nor do we publish inaccurate statements. When we quote someone, we check the original source to make sure we have not taken things out of context. And as you know if you are a regular LT reader, we provide thousands of links and references in our material.

As to the accusation that we go after “everybody,” we have never gone after the personal effect of any individual but rather we have challenged leaders in the church who are allowing these dangerous unbiblical teachings and practices to enter the church. We are not vitriolic or mean spirited toward these leaders, but we do believe it is a biblical mandate for all believers to be Bereans and search out the truth in matters concerning the church and the Gospel message. If someone like Anne Graham Lotz promotes circle making, then, yes, we challenge her. Do we say she is suddenly not a Christian? No, we leave that judgement up to God. But how could it be right to just ignore what these leaders are doing?

Next time someone tells you that you should not listen to Lighthouse Trails, we hope you will ask that person for some specific examples (and the documentation to those examples) of why he or she would say that. Otherwise, perhaps it would be good to tell that person that he or she is merely spreading false slander about Lighthouse Trails and not backing up their accusations.

Someday, we or some of you may be brought before courts with accusations that are not true, especially if America (and the rest of the western world) continues its descent away from morality and godly justice. We will not fear what man can do to us, but rather we will pray that the message of the Gospel can go out to a world that desperately needs to turn to Jesus Christ.

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10 Practical Things You Might Not Know About Lighthouse Trails Publishing & Research

hand drawn landscape illustration

Photo form; used with permission.

Here are 10 things you might find useful about the practical aspects of Lighthouse Trails Publishing & Research Project.

1. WEBSITES—We have two main sites:, which is the publishing site and store that sells all our products; and, which is where our news blog is located as well as the main research site. The blog has thousands of up to date articles, and the research site has hundreds of archived pages of the research we have done these past 14 year. The store site, the research site, and the blog each have their own search engine you can use to find materials and information.

2. AUTHORS—We have several author websites that we have built for our authors. Many of our authors (we have about 35 now) are in full time ministry, and we hope you will consider supporting them. You can read about each author on his or her author website, and most of those sites have articles that the authors have written in addition to books and booklets they have written.

3. LIBRARIES—Our books are now in hundreds of libraries across the U.S., and if you would like to get some of our titles into your own local library, it’s easy and doesn’t cost you anything. Just call or visit your library, give the librarian the title and/or the ISBN of any title and ask her to bring that title into circulation. Tell your librarian that our books can be ordered through Baker & Taylor, which is the main distributor to U.S. libraries.

4. BOOKSTORES—All of the Lighthouse Trails books and DVDs (the ones we publish ourselves) are carried by national mainstream distributors including Ingram, SpringArbor, Baker & Taylor, and Anchor. This means that virtually ANY bookstore (with the exception of LifeWay which will not carry or order any LT products) in the U.S. can easily order any of our titles. Many times people call us and tell us that their local bookstore has told them they cannot get our books. But actually, they can! Even if a bookstore can’t buy through these distributors for some reason, the bookstore can always buy at wholesale prices directly from us.

5. ONLINE BOOK OUTLETS & MINISTRIES—All of the Lighthouse Trails books and DVDS (the ones we publish ourselves) are available to the general public through numerous online outlets including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD, etc. Ministries such as The Berean Call, Understand the Times, Caryl Productions, Scripture Truth, Faith View Books, and several others each carry a number of our books and booklets as well.

LTRJ-logo-lg6. NEWSLETTERS & JOURNAL—Lighthouse Trails has both an e-newsletter, (see archives) which is delivered to readers’ e-mail boxes, and this is sent out three times a month. We also have a low-cost subscription-based print journal, which is 32 pages and sent to homes and offices every other month. Many of our readers are getting both the e-newsletter and the journal, while some prefer just one option. We encourage our readers to get the print journal, regardless of whether they get the e-mail because it is great for sharing with others and also very convenient.

7. E-BOOKS & BOOKLETS—Lighthouse Trails books, booklets, and now print journals are also available in both e-pub and PDF formats. Use e-pubs if you have an e-reader, and use PDFs if you don’t and just want to read on your computer or print the document. You can purchase our e-books, e-booklets, and e-journals directly from our website, or you may buy them from Amazon’s Kindle program or Barnes and Noble’s Nook program.

8. SPEAKERS/LECTURERS—A number of our authors are available to speak at your church, conference, radio program, or group: Warren B. Smith, Ray Yungen, Roger Oakland, Chris Lawson, Anita Dittman (in MN only), Carl Teichrib, Cedric Fisher, Greg Reid, Jim Fletcher, John Lanagan, Lynn Lusby Pratt, Mary Danielsen, Mike Oppenheimer, and Sandy Simpson. You may acquaint yourself with these authors by reading their materials. Several of them have LT author websites where you can read articles and get contact information. Visit this page here to see our list. These are wonderful brothers and sisters who are committed to the Lord and His Word and the defending of truth.

9. INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS—In 2010, Lighthouse Trails began supporting the mission work of the Bryce Homes Program, homes for needy Christian families now located in several different countries under the leadership of Understand the Times. Since then, Lighthouse Trails readers have contributed substantially to this Gospel-focused missions effort.

bible-tea-devotional-isaiah-40-31-but-they-that-wait-upon-the-lord-shall-renew-their-strength-scripture10. TENT INDUSTRY—In 2010, Lighthouse Trails started a small division called The Shepherd’s Garden and created our very own line of organic Bible-verse tea. We now have 6 different blends plus a sampler box. We started this side industry as a way to help keep Lighthouse Trails financially stable. Lighthouse Trails is not a non-profit, and thus, we don’t get the number of donations that a 501 (c) 3 organization would get. The tea is a great way to give us a boost without having it be labor intensive, which would draw us away from the work we do at Lighthouse Trails. In the last 5 years, many many LT readers have purchased the tea and tell us they love how it tastes and love the little KJV verses on a tag on each bag of tea.

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Lighthouse Trails is 14 Years Old! Check Out Our 3-Day, Store-Wide Anniversary Sale

fb-anniversary-14Lighthouse Trails is 14 years old! Every year during this time, we offer our readers an “Anniversary Sale” of all our products. This year, as in years past, we are offering a 17%-off store-wide sale.

We hope you will enjoy this 3-Day Store-Wide Sale.  Use the code 17OFF at step 3 of checkout, and you will get 17% off your entire order on all our products.

Thank you and God bless you.

From the Editors at Lighthouse Trails

Click here to see the details.

Roger Oakland Announces “Out Of Retirement” and Plans for New Book to Warn the Church

photo from; used with permission

                photo from; used with permission

By Roger Oakland

The title for a new book, The Good Shepherd Calls: An Urgent Warning for the End Times Church, flooded into my mind like a lightning bolt flashing in the darkness. In all honesty, I had no desire or motivation to write another book. I have been telling people that I was in retirement when I was asked about writing another book.

For the last five years, my ministry had shifted away from focusing on discerning the times to our Bryce Homes International program, assisting poor and underprivileged children around the world. I was satisfied to live out the rest of my life without facing the pressures and the hostility so common in a ministry that deals with contending for the faith.

For almost four decades of my life, I have been on the front lines directing an apologetics ministry called Understand The Times. As the result of a serious illness that nearly ended my life in 2009 when I was in my early 60s, I reasoned the time had come to let others take my place in the battle. However, that suddenly changed after reading an article and watching a video that showed Jesuit Pope Francis proclaiming that all religions including “Christianity” worship the same God. Something in me snapped. How could I not send out a warning?

Roger with some of the Bryce Home children in Myanmar

Roger with some of the Bryce Home children in Myanmar

Immediately, I wrote and published a commentary on our website showing that Bible prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled and the return of Jesus Christ is at hand.  I could no longer remain silent. Something had to be done to wake up the pastors and the church. We are living in the crucial Last Days the Bible foretells will unfold, and the time is short.

Yet there is a huge problem. The closer we get to the return of Christ, fewer and fewer recognize what is happening. Satan’s deceptive plan to set up a One-World global religion in the name of Christ for the cause of peace is being fulfilled to set up the religion for the Antichrist. Why are the pastors not warning the sheep? Worse yet, why are so many pastors promoting global ecumenism and praising the pope? Click here to continue reading.

A Lighthouse Trails Update on Nearby Forest Fire

To our dear Lighthouse Trails readers:

On behalf of all of us at Lighthouse Trails, we want to thank you with all of our hearts for your prayers and concern about the forest fire that is burning a few miles from the Lighthouse Trails headquarters near Eureka, Montana. We have waited a few days to send out this update as we were waiting for a town meeting that took place last night where we were given the latest status on the fire by the forestry team managing this fire.

While the fire has grown to 6,700 acres, the team gave us a positive report in that the fire line that firefighters have built nearly half way around the fire is holding at this time. This line is most crucial as it lies between the fire and all of the properties that could be affected. The area that does not have any fire line is facing toward the interior of the mountains and away from homes and properties. And of course, the hope and prayer is that rain will come soon and put out this and all the fires in the northwest part of this country and Canada.

Regarding our fire, while there is still the risk of spread toward properties north and south (we are north) should the fire go around the fire line, there has been a little rain and lower temperatures the last couple of days in northwest Montana, which is helping to slow down fire growth. But at Lighthouse Trails, we are feeling that we are in a much safer position than we were last week when the fire line had not yet been secured and temperatures were very high and there was a lot of fire growth. And thus far, there have been no properties lost in this particular fire, nor has there been any loss of life to firefighters. And we are happy to say that, for us anyway, we have lost no scenery beauty as the fire damage is further south. We are sorry that one of the people who works in our office has lost scenery beauty near her family’s property.

Some of our readers who e-mailed us have expressed concern that Lighthouse Trails could become inoperable should a fire reach us and destroy our property and effects. Just to give some reassurance, Lighthouse Trails has taken precaution in the event of such a disaster through backup drives of all of our books, DVDs, and booklets, through insurance to cover this kind of loss, and by maintaining a secured web server off location, which daily backs up all of our articles and research material online. In other words, if something were to happen to this facility, as hard as that would be for us to lose our home and this newly built LT building, Lighthouse Trails would be up and operating again within a couple weeks (God willing) at another location. We are committed to the work that God has put before us as we know so many of you are committed to the work God has given you.

In closing, we know that this year’s fire season has been and continues to be devastating to many lives and communities throughout the northwest part of this country and Canada. We believe over a dozen firefighters have lost their lives, many Native American reservations have been on fire, and many properties and homes have been destroyed, not to mention all the thousands of acres of forest that have been destroyed. The fire season isn’t over yet, and we continue to pray for rain and protection for ourselves and the many others affected. We also pray that through this tragedy, many will turn their hearts toward the Lord Jesus Christ in true surrender to Him. As we were writing this letter, we received a phone call from a Native American LT reader who told us that some of her friends and family who are on reservations that are burning are crying out to the Lord.

Thank you again for praying for us. We are humbled and blessed to know that so many of you care about us.

David and Deborah Dombrowski and the staff

Lighthouse Trails Research & Publishing

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