New York Times: Benjamin Crème’s Maitreya? American Hindu man worshipped as god

By SCOTT JAMES “In Internet Era, an Unwilling Lord for New Age Followers” New York Times Raj Patel’s desk sits in a dusty, cement-floored nook in his garage, just beyond a parked gray Prius, near the washer and dryer. They are humble surroundings for a god. Followers of Share International, a New Age religious sect, … [Read more…]

C. P. Wagner Gives “Apostolic Alignment” to Todd Bentley

According to a June 24th article by Charisma Magazine, C. P. Wagner, Rick Warren’s advisor and mentor at Fuller Seminary 1 and leader of the International Coalition of Apostles, joined other charismatic leaders to attend a special service with Todd Bentley whom they “commissioned as an evangelist.” The article, titled Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at … [Read more…]