England and Wales: Gay wedding ban in church may be lifted

Karen McVeigh The Guardian – UK Ministers are expected to announce plans allowing same-sex couples to register civil partnerships in church, removing a key legal distinction between the ceremony and marriage. The move, likely to be announced by Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, would lift the ban on civil partnerships taking place in religious settings … [Read more…]

Activist: Judge’s ‘sexual proclivity’ compromised Prop. 8 ruling

Charlie Butts, Fred Jackson, and Chris Woodward – OneNewsNow On Wednesday, a judge struck down California’s same-sex “marriage” ban as a violation of the civil rights of homosexuals, but a pending appeal of the landmark ruling could prevent same-gender weddings from resuming in the state any time soon.   Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker … [Read more…]