Why Focus on the Family Should Not Promote and Sell Gary Thomas’ Books

Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, and Sacred Pathways – Most likely, you have heard of at least one of these books. The author, Gary Thomas, is touted by Rick Warren, Focus on the Family, and a host of other Christian well-known ministries. Last year, Lighthouse Trails wrote a special report on Focus on the Family because … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Launches New Plan to Multiply Impact Worldwide

By Lillian Kwon Christian Post Saddleback Church, one of the largest churches in the nation, has launched a new global vision to multiply impact on the local and international levels. Within the next three years, megachurch in the Lake Forest, Calif., aims to launch nine new off-site campuses in addition to its San Clemente campus, … [Read more…]

Plans Changed for Bob Coy and the Exponential Conference

Update on the Exponential 2007 Conference On September 16th, Lighthouse Trails issued a report titled “Bob Coy Joins Contemplative Promoters Rick Warren and John Ortberg for Conference.” On October 12th in a telephone conversation, personnel at the Crown Financial Ministries office (the major sponsor for the event) said that originally Bob Coy was scheduled to … [Read more…]

Hostile Sentiment Toward “End-Time” Believing Christians Increasing

by Roger Oakland (Understand the Times) If you haven’t already noticed, anti-Christian sentiment is growing toward those who believe in a biblical last days/Book of Revelation scenario prior to Christ’s return. A 2005 article titled “Lutheran leader calls for an ecumenical council to address growing biblical fundamentalism” should help convince you. The article shows not … [Read more…]

Liberty University Continues Using Contemplative/Emerging Authors/Books

In February of 2007, Lighthouse Trails reported that Liberty University of Virginia was using contemplative books in some of their classes. The February report stated: [I]n Dr. David Wheeler’s Foundations in Youth Ministry II, Wheeler uses Mark Yaconelli’s book, Contemplative Youth Ministry. Yaconelli, the son of the late Mike Yaconelli (founder of Youth Specialties), is … [Read more…]

Dan Kimball: Modern Day Christianity Needs Combination of Nouwen and Maxwell

  In a Christianity Today article titled, “Shape-Shifting Leadership,” featuring Dan Kimball, Mark Driscoll, and Leith Anderson, Kimball states: I’ve read Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership a dozen times. It convicts me to the core about motives and the heart of leadership. But Henri was shepherding and loving a relatively … [Read more…]

America’s 50 Most Influential Churches – Many Pro-Contemplative/Emergent

 The Church Report has released their annual“America’s 50 Most Influential Churches” poll. The list is compiled each year by getting the input of around 2000 church pastors and leaders. Last year’s list, on which we reported, is very similar to this year’s. Willow Creek (Bill Hybels) is in the number one spot, and Saddleback (Rick … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Condemns Christians … Again

This is a Lighthouse Trails Commentary Rick Warren once again condemns conservative Christians and further marginalizes them, according to a Los Angeles Times article.1 The article states: Evangelical leader Rick Warren came to the heart of the religious right movement last week to criticize a narrow focus on abortion, homosexuality and pornography as un-Christian. Strikingly, … [Read more…]

Liberty University Uses Contemplative/Emergent Textbooks

The conservative Liberty University, a ministry of Jerry Falwell, is using contemplative/emergent books in their courses as textbooks. Concerns began a few years ago when Falwell was a guest speaker at the National Pastors Convention. At the time, the convention was presented by the contemplative/emergent Youth Specialties. Lighthouse Trails contacted Falwell’s ministry to warn about … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Says He Practices Silence and Solitude

In this week’s issue of Rick Warren’s e-newsletter, his feature article is titled, “How to Dream Bigger.” Warren gives eight steps on how to “help you find God’s dream for your life.” While the premise behind what Warren and Bruce Wilkinson refer to as “God’s dream” is faulty and unbiblical, this article focuses primarily on … [Read more…]

Poll Shows Many “Most Influential Christians” Promote Contemplative

Some say that those who are warning about contemplative spirituality and it’s invasion into Christendom are alarmists, that it really isn’t as bad as we are making it sound. Well if the Church Report poll (where over 200,000 voters responded), which names the “50 Most Influential Christians” is any indication, contemplative spirituality is being promoted … [Read more…]

Dissenters at Rick Warren’s Church – shown the door over OBAMA

“Members of the congregation at Saddleback Church, the church led by Rick Warren, are evidently being ushered right out of membership for voicing any concern over the idea of Barack Obama being allowed to speak at the church recently.” Click here to read the rest of this article. Related Information: Purpose Driven Resisters – Leave … [Read more…]

Rick Warren and Another Possible Presidential Candidate Meet Together

Recently, contemplative/emerging proponent Rick Warren stated that he was not interested in politics or in being a diplomat. That statement was said on the heels of his visit to Syria where he met with Syria’s president as well as the Grand Mufti (partly to discuss his P.E.A.C.E. Plan). Shortly after his trip to Syria, possible … [Read more…]

Christian Leaders Still Promoting “Purpose Driven Life”

In 1995, Rick Warren came out with his book, Purpose Driven Church. A large number of respected, trusted Christian leaders endorsed that book. The first four pages of the book carry some of these names. Since the release of that book, Warren has endorsed many anti-biblical teachings and movements, including contemplative and the emerging church. … [Read more…]

WARNING: Dan Kimball – A Christian Witch Agrees With Him

Yesterday, we addressed Rick Warren’s e-newsletter, which had an article by emerging church leader Dan Kimball. Below is an article just sent to us that shows how a “Christian” witch is describing the same spirituality that Kimball describes in his article. The article below links to a website that should not be read by children … [Read more…]

Wesleyan Goes Deeper into Contemplative

Wesleyan Publishing House, the publishing arm of the Wesleyan church is going contemplative. This past summer, we reported that the Wesleyan Church was offering contemplative retreats called Holy Next: Spiritual Formation Retreat. Dr. Keith Drury (featured on HolyNext and a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University) writes “extensively on spirituality.” His newest book is titled With … [Read more…]

Franklin Graham Joins Rick Warren and John Ortberg at AIDS Conference

In a time when the church desperately needs leaders who are willing to take a stand against New Age teachings coming into Christendom, it is with sadness to report on an upcoming AIDS conference in which Franklin Graham (president and C.E.O. of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) will join contemplative-promoting leaders John … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Responds to Wall Street Journal Article

Today, Get Religion posted an article titled “Purpose-Driven Response.” The writer stated that Rick Warren has written a response to the Wall Street Journal article, which recently came out talking about what happens to those who resist Purpose Driven. In today’s Get Religion article, Warren stated that the WSJ article was filled with errors and … [Read more…]

Wall Street Journal on Purpose Driven Resisters Tells Just Part of the Story

Today’s Wall Street Journal article, “Veneration Gap – A Popular Strategy For Church Growth Splits Congregants,” written by WSJ reporter Suzanne Sataline, was based on interviews that Ms. Sataline had with many people, including an editor at Lighthouse Trails and several of the researchers we know. The interviews extended over many weeks and equaled hours … [Read more…]