U.N. legalizes child porn, prostitution

LTRP Note: The following article is written by child advocate Dr. Judith Reisman. Dr. Reisman is one of the featured speakers in the DVD we carry, The Kinsey Syndrome. Exclusive: Judith Reisman compares UNICEF to ‘fox guarding chicken coop’ By Judith Reisman Consider the recent WND report on Scotland’s opening up internet pornography to school … [Read more…]

Miss California: Hero or Cautionary Tale?

LTRP Note: Last week, Lighthouse Trails posted an article about Miss California’s statement on national television at the Miss America beauty pageant. We posted the article because it showed that a young woman had more courage than “America’s Pastor” (Rick Warren), who recently reneged on his anti-homosexual marriage statements last year. Since posting the article, … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Condemns Christians … Again

This is a Lighthouse Trails Commentary Rick Warren once again condemns conservative Christians and further marginalizes them, according to a Los Angeles Times article.1 The article states: Evangelical leader Rick Warren came to the heart of the religious right movement last week to criticize a narrow focus on abortion, homosexuality and pornography as un-Christian. Strikingly, … [Read more…]

‘Christian’ bookstore features X-rated flicks

Columnist raises question of just what makes retailer biblical By Bob Unruh 2007 WorldNetDaily.com When News with Views writer Paul Proctor wrote in a new column that parents should make sure their kids are out of the room and the door is locked before going to a Christian Heritage Bookstore website, he was serious. Because … [Read more…]