Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

by Larry DeBruyn Guarding the Flock Ministries Some Christians naively and mistakenly equate that because Christianity and Islam are monotheistic faiths (belief in one God), Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Any differences between the two religions are viewed to be only apparent, not actual. Only the names are different. Muslims call Him Allah, while Christians address Him as Lord. … [Read more…]

Announcement from Slice of Laodicea

by Cross Talk    From Ingrid Schlueter Slice of Laodicea Blog For several years, Slice of Laodicea has existed to inform and educate Christians about trends and news in contemporary evangelicalism and religion in general. As of tonight, the news and commentary will now be located at the Crosstalk Blog under the Religion category. There, … [Read more…]


 A few days ago we reported to you that teacher and author, Roger Oakland, had fallen, resulting in breaking his ribs and puncturing a lung. Emergency surgery was performed in Canada. Today, we learned that his condition has possibly worsened. We received the following update: Roger’s surgeon did find more air trapped between his lungs … [Read more…]

California Couple Will Be Able to Continue Home Bible Studies

LTRP Note: The following out-of-house article is a follow up to a previous article we posted (see link below article). San Diego Union-Tribune “County won’t force permit on Bible study leaders” Code officer formally warned couple over meetings at home Sweeping issues of religious freedom and governmental regulation are swirling around Pastor David Jones’ house … [Read more…]