Divination (and Contemplative): Forbidden by God

by Chris Lawson Spiritual Research Network Divination: any attempt to foretell the unknown by occult means It is very clear that the God of the Bible strictly forbids all forms of divination.  This includes all forms of mediumship, channeling, witchcraft [Wicca], occultism, psychic, fortune telling, tarot cards, reading tea leaves, etc.  Divination is forbidden by God … [Read more…]

Rifqa’s parents renege on agreement

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow The head of a Christian ministry dedicated to exposing the truth about Islam says she’s not surprised that the Muslim parents of a Christian convert from Islam have decided to backtrack on an agreement that allows their daughter to stay with foster parents until her 18th birthday.  As previously reported, Ohio authorities recently announced … [Read more…]

2009 YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Out-of-House News Stories Covered by LT

1. CNN – Surviving Beatles reunite to promote kid’s meditation: Former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will reunite on stage next month [Change Begins Within Benefit Concert in conjunction with David Lynch Foundation] to raise money to teach transcendental meditation to children around the world to “help provide them a quiet haven in a … [Read more…]

Alert: The Voice New Testament: Heresy for this Generation

LTRP Note: The following information is about a  “Bible” called The Voice. Please also see our February 2007 article titled, “Thomas Nelson Goes Forward with ‘The Voice’ – A ‘Bible’ Project by Emergents” by  “From the World Hears Them” Blog  From the Creators [of The Voice]: Previously most Bibles and biblical reference works were produced … [Read more…]

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

by Larry DeBruyn Guarding the Flock Ministries Some Christians naively and mistakenly equate that because Christianity and Islam are monotheistic faiths (belief in one God), Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Any differences between the two religions are viewed to be only apparent, not actual. Only the names are different. Muslims call Him Allah, while Christians address Him as Lord. … [Read more…]

Announcement from Slice of Laodicea

by Cross Talk    From Ingrid Schlueter Slice of Laodicea Blog For several years, Slice of Laodicea has existed to inform and educate Christians about trends and news in contemporary evangelicalism and religion in general. As of tonight, the news and commentary will now be located at the Crosstalk Blog under the Religion category. There, … [Read more…]