700,000 commit to exploring East-West-hybrid mysticism

  BY CATHLEEN FALSANI Religion Columnist Chicago Sun-Times Oprah Winfrey has been spiritually educating her viewers for years. On Monday, she began offering formal instruction to more than 700,000 students across the globe. Before the first session of “A New Earth” — a free, 10-week online class taught by Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle, the German-born … [Read more…]

Baptist Press Reports: Obama: If elected I will use the bully pulpit for gay causes

  Michael Foust Baptist Press Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought the support of voters in the homosexual community Feb. 28, telling them in a letter that if elected president he would work to pass laws important to that constituency and would use the “bully pulpit” to urge states to grant same-sex couples the legal … [Read more…]

How Barack’s winning the evangelicals

American Thinker December 29 Nicole Russell “With his attendance at Rick Warren’s church, Saddleback Valley Community, a mega-church in California for a large conference about AIDS, Obama has begun to align himself with an important base of voters to gain what conservatives lost this last year. Already lauded by some prominent evangelical publications for his … [Read more…]

Rick Warren’s Actions May Help Hillary Clinton Become President

According to a Christian Post article, Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of Rick Warren’s invitation to her to attend his Global Summit on AIDS may help win Clinton the Presidency of the United States. The article, Clinton’s ‘Gutsy’ Church Appearance Softens Evangelicals, states: Initially, some felt ill at ease over the New York senator’s appearance at the … [Read more…]

Clinton woos evangelicals [at Saddleback] at AIDS conference

Reuters News By Jill Serjeant LAKE FOREST, Calif., Nov 29 (Reuters) – Emphasizing her own Christian faith and quoting frequently from the Bible, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton wooed a U.S. evangelical conference on AIDS on Thursday with a pledge to fight the global pandemic together. Clinton was the only one of six invited presidential … [Read more…]

Roger Oakland Removed from Calvary Chapel Radio!

In less than 48 hours after Roger Oakland of Understand the Times posted an article (on 11/15/07) titled “Ichabod,” his radio program was removed from Calvary Chapel’s radio network, KWVE. Lighthouse Trails contacted KWVE on November 19th to confirm the removal and to find out the reasons that this took place. Richard McIntosh, KWVE station … [Read more…]


by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland   The Bible calls Satan the great deceiver. To be deceived means to be led away from the truth without knowing it. If the person being deceived knew they were being deceived, then deception would not have occurred. One must believe that one is not deceived in order to … [Read more…]

John Wimber’s Paradigm Shift, The River Movement and the Kundalini Effect

by Kevin Reeves  John Wimber’s Paradigm Shift, *The River Movement and the Kundalini Effect The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship’s success on the world stage is best understood within a Vineyard context, as that church was a Vineyard affiliate at the time of the revival’s outbreak in January of 1994. It was Vineyard magnate John Wimber … [Read more…]

Chancellor of Bob Jones (Bob Jones III) Endorses Mormon Mitt Romney for President

By Ron Barnett The Greenville News Dr. Bob Jones III, chancellor of the fundamentalist Christian university in Greenville that bears his name, is looking past his religious differences with Gov. Mitt Romney and endorsing the Mormon for the Republican nomination for president, he told The Greenville News this afternoon. “This is all about beating Hillary,” … [Read more…]

71-year-old woman arrested at church

By Jan Bellamy and Robin Boyle Hillsdale Daily News An Allen woman is protesting her arrest Sunday for trespassing at Allen Baptist Church. While the elderly woman is arguing the arrest violates her First Amendment rights, local authorities describe the incident as simple trespassing. The saga began over the winter when Karolyn Caskey said she … [Read more…]

Barack Obama: “[W]e can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

From CNN GREENVILLE, South Carolina (CNN) — After speaking to an evangelical church on Sunday in this traditionally conservative South Carolina city, Sen. Barack Obama said that Republicans no longer have a firm grip on religion in political discourse. “I think its important particularly for those of us in the Democratic Party to not cede … [Read more…]

Hostile Sentiment Toward “End-Time” Believing Christians Increasing

by Roger Oakland (Understand the Times) If you haven’t already noticed, anti-Christian sentiment is growing toward those who believe in a biblical last days/Book of Revelation scenario prior to Christ’s return. A 2005 article titled “Lutheran leader calls for an ecumenical council to address growing biblical fundamentalism” should help convince you. The article shows not … [Read more…]

New York Times: [Emerging] Evangelical Leaders Turning Their Back on Israel

LTRP Note: As the world (and many proclaiming Christians) become more and more hostile toward Israel, please bear this in mind as you read the following article from an outside news source. See below for links to further information. The New York Times Letter to the President from Evangelical Leaders “We write as evangelical Christian … [Read more…]

Outrage as US Lutherans Ease Rules on Pastors in Gay Relationships

Christian Today – United Kingdom by Daniel Blake The largest Lutheran body in the US has caused outrage in the wider Christian community as it controversially decided not to punish homosexual clergy who are in sexual relationships, according to an announcement made on Saturday. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) passed a resolution at … [Read more…]

Obama Wows Iowa Meditators

by Ben Smith The Politico FAIRFIELD, Iowa – Sen. Barack Obama drew his heartiest welcome of a two-day swing through Iowa in the state’s capital of inner peace. To the frustration of the cameramen in the Fairfield town square, Obama delivered his remarks facing east, with the setting sun behind him blotting out their shots. … [Read more…]

Pentecost 2007 Speakers Talk About “Faith”

  LTRP Note: The following news story from an outside source discusses the “faith” of speakers at the recent Pentecost 2007 conference. Speakers included Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Brian McLaren, and Bill Hybels wife: Lynne Hybels. Please refer to our own report: Pentecost 2007 … A Step Closer to Global Unity … A Step Further … [Read more…]