Letter to the Editor: A Single Mother Asks for Prayer – Concerned About CP Coming into Her Church

LHT,  My heart has been greatly grieved since Sunday when I first started researching CCP [contemplative/centering prayer]. And the fact that I mentioned my concern over Priscilla Shirer being used as a study was met with “we are not always going to agree with everything others teach,” by my pastor’s wife. And as a friend, … [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor from New Believer in Australia: Handed Purpose Driven Life But Knew Something Was Wrong

Dear Lighthousetrails Staff and Writers,   Wow, what an amazing and inspiring website!!!! I stumbled upon it two weeks ago, and feel God has answered my prayers. I have been praying to God to guide me to Seek and Find, Ask and to receive The Truth and HIS Truth only. There is so much “Christian” chaos out there, and … [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor: Congregation Doesn’t Want to Know the Truth

 Dear Lighthouse Trails: I have been reading Roger Oakland’s book “Faith Undone” and have come to realize that there is absolutely no preaching, at least in our community, against the dangers of the emerging church or contemplative spirituality. The people are totally in darkness, and most of them have no interest in reading about it. It … [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor: 3 Things to Stay Grounded in the Truth and Away from Emerging Spirituality

Dear Lighthouse Trails: You have a fabulous ministry. In one way I have been shocked to learn about the influence New Age is having on the church – but in another way, I am not. Christians have different ideas about lots of things, that is understandable and inevitable. But my argument to people is that … [Read more…]