United Church of Christ uses Labyrinth as meditation

By John L. Inman III Democrat Staff To kickoff the Lenten season, United Church of Christ (UCC), California, hosted a three-day opportunity to walk a labyrinth. The labyrinth was a replica of the design from one of the most famous labyrinths which is in the Chartes Cathedral in France. The Rev. Collette R. Jones, associate … [Read more…]

Divination (and Contemplative): Forbidden by God

by Chris Lawson Spiritual Research Network Divination: any attempt to foretell the unknown by occult means It is very clear that the God of the Bible strictly forbids all forms of divination.  This includes all forms of mediumship, channeling, witchcraft [Wicca], occultism, psychic, fortune telling, tarot cards, reading tea leaves, etc.  Divination is forbidden by God … [Read more…]

“Soul at Rest” Women’s Conference Will Connect Women with Contemplative Advocate

For those who wonder if contemplative spirituality is still making strong inroads into the evangelical Christian church, below is an indicator that this mystical spirituality is moving full speed ahead. And for most Christian leaders, there are no questions asked. North Coast Calvary Chapel: Women’s Conference Soul at Rest (November 6th-8th) will be featuring contemplative … [Read more…]