The mystical science of the Golden Compass

by Kjos Ministries  The movie, “The Golden Compass,” heralds a mysterious “compass,” but this is no ordinary navigational guide. Instead, it’s a divination device — an alethiometer — energized by tiny, conscious “Dust” particles. Though usually invisible, these Dust particles can be sensed by the story’s more psychically attuned characters. So when 12-year-old heroine Lyra … [Read more…]

Book Review – Faith Undone by DiscernIt

by Kim Olsen DiscernIt One would be hard-pressed to find a more complete description of the various end-time deceptions currently exploding in our churches in one single paperback book. Roger has accomplished this feat in “Faith Undone” Why is his book so relevant today? Consider this statement. “In the near future, Christians of every denomination … [Read more…]

The upside-down world of Pullman’s “Golden Compass”

by Kjos Ministries More than 15 million copies of Philip Pullman’s trilogy have been sold. The first movie in the series opens December 7. Pullman was a teacher at Westminster College, Oxford, while writing children’s books. The Golden Compass won the prestigious Carnegie Medal. Flying witches, evil specters, talking bears and evolving “Dust” abound in … [Read more…]

Test Drive Your Faith

 LTRP Note: The following is a July 10th book review of Lighthouse Trails book, Laughter Calls Me. “The bookstores and the media are filled with images of the Christian life…how God has a wonderful plan for your life, how to have your best life now and how to reposition yourself for full prosperity and real … [Read more…]

The Other Side of the River

Our new release, The Other Side of the River,1 is now available through Amazon. Some people have inquired about this as they prefer to buy from larger, more established outlets. The book can also be ordered through any bookstore, online or walk-in as well as our own online bookstore. Topics this book addresses: *Word Faith … [Read more…]

S.F. Publisher Bets on Christian Fiction

 LTRP Note: HarperSan Francisco (HarperCollins)is the parent company for Zondervan which has been a major catalyst for the emerging church movement as well as for Purpose Driven Life. Both companies are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. HarperSan Francisco is also the publisher for Richard Foster’s Renovare Spiritual Formation Study Bible. S.F. Publisher Bets on … [Read more…]

BOOK ALERT: More Apostasy through a “Postmodern Bible”

From Christian Post By Lillian Kwon Christian Post Reporter “American culture has been ‘hijacked by extremists’ – atheists and fundamentalists – one author believes. That leaves a lot of people in the ‘middle ground’ where although there may be a belief in Jesus, their interests are far from conventional Christianity. “A new Bible series is … [Read more…]

“The Secret” is Hollywood’s new religion for 2007

“At a pre-Oscars dinner for eventual Best Supporting Actress winner Jennifer Hudson, thrown by Stuart and Jane Weitzman at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Friday, Secret ‘teacher’ Lisa Nichols explained the philosophy to Emmy Rossum, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane. “‘They were abuzz about it and wanted to talk to the guru,’ another guest tells me. … [Read more…]

Conversations with [a] God

by Kjos Ministries  “Conversations with [a] God” by Berit Kjos: The quotes below reflect the mystical teachings of the “New Thought Movement.”1 Each is part of a dialogue between author Neale Donald Walsch and a spiritual entity (spirit guide) that calls itself “God.” The result is a seductive occult message spoken with divine authority. Apparently, … [Read more…]

‘Conversations With God’ is not stirring

By WILLIAM ARNOLD P-I MOVIE CRITIC “The inspirational drama, “Conversations With God,” is the latest in what is getting to be a deluge of low-budget, religious-minded movies that have been getting limited theatrical distribution in the wake of the box-office bonanza of “Passion of the Christ.” “This one essentially is a rags-to-riches biography of Neale … [Read more…]

WARNING: Christian Publishers Continue Publishing Contemplative Books

One of the most dangerous places for a Christian believer to go today is a Christian bookstore. But while Christian bookstore owners and buyers are responsible and lacking discretion for stocking their shelves with popular, fast selling titles that compromise the gospel, many of the largest Christian publishing houses are even more guilty for publishing … [Read more…]

Emergent Manifesto: Book by Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt to Be Released Next Spring

Baker Books, another Christian publisher that is getting on the contemplative/emerging bandwagon, will be releasing a book next spring called Emergent Manifesto. Here is a link to a 32 page excerpt of the book (from the publishers website). The book, edited by Jones and Pagitt, is a conglomeration of the writings of several emerging leaders, … [Read more…]

BOOK REVIEW: East of Eden

by Berean Beacon Ministries East of Eden Book Review by Iain H. Murray “At first sight this is a text-book on the errors of Roman Catholicism and today that is enough for numbers to pass it by. We live in an age when the contentions of Protestants and Catholics belong to the past. A friendly … [Read more…]