Rick Warren Critic Reports on Visit with Rick Warren

On May 22nd, Bob DeWaay, pastor of Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis, attended a semi-private, recorded meeting with Rick Warren. The meeting occurred after Warren invited DeWaay to travel to the Saddleback campus. DeWaay has been a long-time critic of Warren and the Purpose Driven program. After the meeting took place, DeWaay made statements to … [Read more…]

Roger Oakland Removed from Calvary Chapel Radio!

In less than 48 hours after Roger Oakland of Understand the Times posted an article (on 11/15/07) titled “Ichabod,” his radio program was removed from Calvary Chapel’s radio network, KWVE. Lighthouse Trails contacted KWVE on November 19th to confirm the removal and to find out the reasons that this took place. Richard McIntosh, KWVE station … [Read more…]

One Man’s Efforts to “Holding Pastors Accountable”

by Malcolm Trosclair The first thing you learn when holding pastors accountable, is that no one likes to be held accountable, even pastors! It’s hard to believe that it was only ten months ago, that I wrote Pastor Bob Coy, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, asking him to please distance himself from the … [Read more…]

Plans Changed for Bob Coy and the Exponential Conference

Update on the Exponential 2007 Conference On September 16th, Lighthouse Trails issued a report titled “Bob Coy Joins Contemplative Promoters Rick Warren and John Ortberg for Conference.” On October 12th in a telephone conversation, personnel at the Crown Financial Ministries office (the major sponsor for the event) said that originally Bob Coy was scheduled to … [Read more…]

Important Notice from Roger Oakland – Many Pastors Promoting Rob Bell

From Roger Oakland Understand the Times There are pastors (including Calvary Chapel pastors) who are promoting Rob Bell’s view that Christianity must be “reinvented for the 21st century.” Rob Bell is one of the prominent leaders of the Emerging Church movement. In Faith Undone – the emerging church – new reformation or last day deception, … [Read more…]

America’s 50 Most Influential Churches – Many Pro-Contemplative/Emergent

 The Church Report has released their annual“America’s 50 Most Influential Churches” poll. The list is compiled each year by getting the input of around 2000 church pastors and leaders. Last year’s list, on which we reported, is very similar to this year’s. Willow Creek (Bill Hybels) is in the number one spot, and Saddleback (Rick … [Read more…]

Christian Camps That Don’t Promote Contemplative

The number of Christian camps and retreat centers that are promoting contemplative is growing rapidly. We have found a few Christian camps that do not promote contemplative. Calvary Chapel Conference Center –California Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je West – Colorado Good Tidings Bible Conference – New York Kings Camp – Louisiana Torchbearers – Texas Note: If you know … [Read more…]

Lighthouse Trails Research – Top Stories of 2006

1. Rick Warren Predicts Christian Fundamentalism To Be Enemy of 21st Century! 2. Awana Clubs:Are They Heading Toward Contemplative/Emergent? 3. Purpose Driven Resisters – Must Leave or Die 4. Will the Next Billy Graham be a Mystic? 5. Max Lucado Hops into the Contemplative Camp 6. Beth Moore Gives Thumbs Up to Be Still DVD … [Read more…]

Liz Babbs – Teaches Meditation/Her Books Promoted and Sold by Christian Bookstores and Ministries

According to her website, Liz Babbs is an “award-winning author, performer, broadcaster and spiritual mentor [who] travels extensively raising awareness of issues of health and spirituality.” Her book, Into God’s Presence, can be found in Christian bookstores and through various Christian ministries. Organizations like American Family Association (AFA), Christianbook.com, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, and Lifeway … [Read more…]

BACK TO SCHOOL – Is Your College Student Safe?

  Pretty soon, it is back to school, and thousands of teens and young adults will be flooding the doors of Christian colleges and seminaries. For nearly five years now, we have been researching Christian colleges and seminaries, have spoken to countless professors and several presidents and have found that most of these higher education … [Read more…]

Mixing New Age with Christianity

According to Christianity Today, author Anne Lamott is a “funny, nutty, fast-talking, born-again author.” ChristianBook.com would probably consider Lamott a “born-again Christian” as well as they carry two of her books. Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale carries one of Lamott’s books in their online bookstore, and Lamott wrote the foreword for Zondervan author, Mark Yaconelli’s new … [Read more…]

Chuck Smith and Purpose Driven

by Roger Oakland Why did Calvary Distribution remove Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven books and related materials from their distribution? I believe these four reasons I have discussed are reasonable and a valid answer to that question: Differences in Eschatology Differences with regard to the Emerging Church Differences with regard to contemplative prayer and mysticism Differences … [Read more…]