Messages from Heaven Now Online

Messages from Heaven is a video production about the frequently occurring Mary apparitions. This is a powerful film and is now available online. You can view it by clicking here. As Faith Undone points out, the Eucharistic Adoration is connected to the emerging church. For a compelling, documented critique of the significance of these apparitions … [Read more…]

Image of Jesus reported on host at chapel

by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland  Understand The Times has been sounding the alarm with regard to alleged appearances of the “Eucharistic Christ” in reference to the warning given by Jesus, Matthew 24: 24-26: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it … [Read more…]

The Passion of the Christ: Motives Revealed

by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland The newly released “Definitive Edition” of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” confirms the film was produced with the specific purpose to promote a Roman Catholic agenda that would introduce viewers to the Roman Catholic “Mary” and the Roman Catholic “Jesus.” Understand the Times has been sounding … [Read more…]

Head of Evangelical Group Converts to Catholicism

Ethics Daily by Bob Allen A controversial Baylor University professor has resigned as president of the Evangelical Theological Society, after receiving full communion in the Roman Catholic Church. Francis Beckwith, associate professor of church-state studies at the Baptist-affiliated university in Waco, Texas, reported in a blog that he and his wife decided in late March … [Read more…]

SPECIAL REPORT – Mel Gibson Reveals True Purpose of the Passion – Leading People to Catholicism!

LTRP Note: In 2004, when Mel Gibson’s The Passion was released, few Christian leaders spoke up against the film. Believers like Roger Oakland did but not without a price. Oakland and others who also tried to warn people about the film’s underlying Catholic themes, were ostracized and scorned. Now, a Definitive Edition has been released … [Read more…]


By Roger Oakland Over the past number of years I have been writing articles and producing radio programs in an attempt to urge evangelical Christians to wake up and see the light. Many Bible-believing Christians who were once concerned about false teaching and apostasy seem to have lost their passion for the truth and have … [Read more…]


by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland   For years, when it comes to Mary, Catholics and Protestants have been quite contrary. However, there are growing signs that differences over Mary are becoming less apparent. Many Protestant leaders are reevaluating and saying a greater emphasis on Mary needs to be considered. Could Maryianity replace Christianity sometime … [Read more…]

Bono’s Songs Replacing Hymnals in Churches

by Prophezine News  By Lillian Kwon Christian Post Reporter “The U.S. church phenomenon “U2-charist” is now hitting the Church of England for the country’s first Holy Communion service using U2’s best-selling songs. “Already, 150 churches in 15 U.S. states and seven countries have had or plan to have U2 Eucharists. The service stems from an … [Read more…]

Hymns replaced by Bono lyrics at church

By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent “John Lennon once enraged Christians by claiming that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. The Church of England is now recognising the pulling power of rock stars by recruiting Bono, the singer and lyricist of U2, in its bid to boost congregations. “A Church of England bishop is to preside … [Read more…]


by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland  Recently a non-Catholic visiting a Roman Catholic Adoration Chapel saw a manifestation of “Jesus” in a monstrance. According to the Bible, there will be more of these appearances before the real Jesus appears. Are you aware this is a sign of the end times? It was another one … [Read more…]


by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland The Roman Catholic Church’s belief that the “presence” of Jesus Christ becomes manifest by the mystical process of transubstantiation during Mass has been foundational to their faith for centuries. According to the Roman Catholic Church, a Roman Catholic priest supposedly has the authority and the power to conjure … [Read more…]