Biola Magazine Managing Editor Admits Biola Promotes Contemplative Spirituality

The managing editor of Biola University’s magazine has posted a statement, admitting that Biola is indeed introducing students to contemplative spirituality in their chapel services. The following are a few quotes from his statement: “Last week, a long-running smear campaign against “spiritual formation” at Biola University kicked it up a notch. An organization called Lighthouse … [Read more…]

Contemplative Christians and Contemplative Conferences Coming Your Way

  The following conferences will be taking place during the next 12 months. Each of these conferences has at least one contemplative- and/or emerging church-promoting speaker. The number of these contemplative conferences is increasing rapidly. Please warn your loved ones about these events. Note: Contemplative speakers are in bold. For information on these contemplative/emerging-proponents, go … [Read more…]

L.A. Times: Rev. Robert H. Schuller ousts his son as ‘Hour of Power’ preacher

LTRP Note: The following news report by the L.A. Times regarding Crystal Cathedral and Robert Schuller is being posted at Lighthouse Trails because of our articles regarding Schuller’s Rethink Conferences and the co-mingling of popular Christian figures such as Kay Warren, Erwin McManus, Ravi Zacharias and several other evangelical leaders with Robert Schuller (see links … [Read more…]

Biola University Contacts Lighthouse Trails – Accuses of Libel

On October 21st, someone from the Media Relations department at Biola University contacted Lighthouse Trails because of articles we have posted about Biola’s promotion of contemplative spirituality. The person, who asked not to be identified in our articles, said that statements Lighthouse Trails has made are libelous. Upon asking for examples of libelous statements, none … [Read more…]

Bible Belt Newspaper (Argus Leader): Eastern Meditation Practices Appeals to Many Christians

“Meditation: Silent practice appeals to many, including Christians” Argus Leader Like many churchgoers in the Bible Belt, Kristy Robinson teaches Sunday school with her husband and helps prepare Communion at their Episcopal church in Franklin, Tenn. She rounds out her church- and prayer-filled life with another spiritual practice that’s not quite as familiar: meditation. “I’ll … [Read more…]

‘Gay’ pedophilia and Obama

LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails is posting the following WorldNet Daily article by Linda Harvey because we believe the rise in pedophilia and the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle are two inter-related issues that need to be brought to light in our spiritually darkened society. These are signs of the times and indirectly connected to occultism. … [Read more…]

ROME 4-6 November 2008 Catholic and Muslim scholars initiate formal talks

News Ahead In the first forum of its kind, 24 Catholic and Muslim scholars will meet in November to talk about the theological and spiritual foundations of Catholicism and Islam and human dignity and mutual respect. The first Catholic-Muslim Forum concludes with an audience with Pope Benedict XVI…. CWN says the Initiative originated with an … [Read more…]

Biola University Student Reports on Contemplative Chapel Services – Warns Parents to Avoid Biola

  LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails received the following letter this week from a student at Biola University (one we have been in contact with for some time). The student has asked to remain anonymous. Biola has been the subject of several Lighthouse Trails articles because of their promotion of contemplative spirituality. This letter is just … [Read more…]

Zondervan Introduces Contemplative Leighton Ford

LTRP Note: We are posting the following notice by Zondervan publishing regarding Leighton Ford and his new book, The Attentive Life. The book offers a collection of quotes by and references to some of the most prolific eastern-style meditation teachers, including Thomas Keating, David Steindl-Rast, Gerald May, Kathleen Norris, and atonement rejector and Episcopal priest … [Read more…]

Crystal Cathedral Postpones Rethink 2009 – Ravi Zacharias and Dan Kimball Will Have to Wait Until 2010

RE: Rethink 2009 at Crystal Cathedral in February 2009 A notice has been placed on the Rethink Conference website stating the following: At the request of Crystal Cathedral, Rethink 2009 has been postponed to 2010. If you have already registered for the event, you will receive a full credit for your payment. We sincerely regret … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Points Network Followers to the Contemplative “Sabbath”

On October 1st in his weekly e-newsletter, Rick Warren points followers to Pete Scazzero’s contemplative “Sabbath” experience. In the article, “Why Can’t We Stop!”, Scazzero states: “One of the keys to our freedom is a rediscovery of Sabbath-keeping – a radical, countercultural, essential spiritual formation practice for us as pastors.” While many readers of this … [Read more…]

Is This Our Future: Mandatory Community Service, a Three-Legged Purpose Driven Plan, and a Brave New World?

by Kjos Ministries LTRP Note: Please keep in mind while reading this article by Berit Kjos that Rick Warren is on the Leadership Council of Service Nation. Service Nation is Rick Warren’s three-legged global peace plan in action. “Mind Change and Collective Service” by Berit Kjos At the dawn of Stalin’s deadly reign in the … [Read more…]

Why We Say Beth Moore is a Contemplative Advocate

Advocate: one that defends or maintains a cause (Webster’s Dictionary) In our article, “Rick Warren Points Network Followers to the Contemplative ‘Sabbath’”, we state that Beth Moore is a “contemplative advocate.” Some people have a hard time with this statement. Why do we say she is advocating contemplative spirituality? Below is our explanation: The Be … [Read more…]

Brian McLaren’s Mystical Third “Jesus”

by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland   “The Third ‘Jesus’ of the Emerging Church” In A Generous Orthodoxy, Brian McLaren describes his spiritual journey, which took him from a conservative Christian upbringing to a Pentecostal Jesus and eventually led him to say, “About that time, quite by accident, I met a third Jesus.”1 This following … [Read more…]

Ambrose University (CMA & Nazarene) Full Speed into Contemplative/Emergent

LTRP Note: The following is a letter we received about Ambrose University in Canada. More proof that contemplative spirituality is sweeping across North American’s Christian colleges, seminaries, and universities and overtaking the hearts, minds, and souls of countless young (and older) people. Because of this letter and our research on the school that followed, we … [Read more…]

Who Are The Desert Fathers?

by Ray Yungen  “In the early Middle Ages, there lived a group of hermits in the wilderness areas of the Middle East. They were known to history as the desert fathers. “They dwelt in small isolated communities for the purpose of devoting their lives completely to God without distraction. The contemplative movement traces its roots … [Read more…]

Warren Smith DVD: Standing Fast in the Last Days

Silverton, Oregon October 2, 2008 Lighthouse Trails Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Standing Fast in the Last Days DVD by Warren Smith. On June 5th, 2008, former New Age follower Warren Smith spoke to 800 pastors at the 2008 Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors’ Conference in Murrieta, California. Warren, integrating his compelling testimony … [Read more…]

Billy and Franklin Graham Join Emerging Church Leaders and The Shack Author for Catalyst Conference

Billy Graham, and his son Franklin, will be speaking at the upcoming Catalyst Conference on October 8-9. Possibly, the father/son Grahams are not aware of the teachings and the spirituality that the Catalyst Conference represents. Unfortunately, Catalyst will gain respect and audience by many trusting and unaware admirers of the Grahams for including them on … [Read more…]

Rick Warren on Christianity Today: “[I]nterested in interfaith projects . . . we do serve the same Lord.”

On October 1, 2008, Christianity Today released an article on their website titled: “After the Aloha Shirts.” The article further reveals Rick Warren’s hopes for an interfaith Purpose Driven new reformation. In the article, Warren states: We need to mobilize a billion Catholics and Orthodox [believers]. I’m not really that interested in interfaith dialogue. I … [Read more…]