Serious Concerns Over Rick Warren’s Ecumenical Efforts with Islam

LTRP Note: The following is a link to a compilation of noteworthy articles regarding Rick Warren’s move toward uniting Christianity and Islam. It is also worth noting that the contemplative prayer movement, of which Rick Warren is a major proponent, embraces the notion that mysticism (i.e., contemplative) can unite all religions. Thomas Merton, the Catholic mystic, said that doctrine must be put aside and mysticism embraced in order to bring together the world’s religions. Rick Warren has often stated that his reformation will be one that emphasizes deeds over doctrine and that his reformation will include those of different faiths. This is also the mantra of the emerging church movement.

We have seen a marriage grow between false Christianity, all false religions, the political realm and all of society in the West in general, and now Rick Warren as its prophet is reaching out to Islam, but I highly doubt Islam will take hold. This whole idea is anathema to the true beliefs of Islam just as it is anathema to the true beliefs of Biblical Christianity. To read compiliation of articles, click here.

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