Letter to Editor: Add Navigators to Contemplative List

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Letter from a Lighthouse Trails reader–Concerns about the Navigators:

You might want to update http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/organizations.htm
and include the Navigators. See below for books they are pushing. Eugene Peterson of the Message has been key in the Navigators for years.

I am amazed how widespread this movement is. The below e-mail is from friends in Manila, the Philippines. We had no idea about this couple. My wife … was involved with Reach. Reach is an offshoot of the Navigators and did some things differently then from the Navs like help new Christians get into a personal business.

So, I went to the Navigator site to see what is going on:

http://www.navpress.com/store/search.aspx?q=contemplative: books on contemplative prayer at Navpress of the Navigators

Lectio Divina at the Navigators

The Message at the Navigators

Dallas Willard at the Navigators

Dallas Willard and Don Simpson

This all hits hard. I was saved through the Navigators in 1973. They used The Word, Prayer, Scripture memory, time with the Lord back then. They had us witness and spend time in fellowship. The wheel illustration with Jesus Christ as the hub.


Lighthouse Trails has now added the Navigators to the Contemplative Organizations page on our research site. NavPress (part of the Navigators) is also on the Contemplative Publishers page.