Question to Editor: What About Author Lisa Harper?

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A question was put to us: “Does anyone know anything about the author/speaker Lisa Harper? Is she New Age or biblically sound?”

Here is our answer:

In looking at her 2011 book, Stumbling into Grace, she is quoting several major contemplatives: Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton, Brennan Manning, Richard Foster, Anne Lamott, and at least one New Age author, Gerald May. We don’t know that she is advocating contemplative practices in her book, but clearly she is reading from and gleaning from the mystics and passing those “insights” onto her readers.

As with many other Christian authors today, they may have some “biblical” things to say in their books (deception is often hidden within the pages of truth), but if they are even just quoting the contemplatives (which means they are reading them also), then at the very least, they do not have discernment, and at worst, they are contemplative/emerging themselves. Typically, what we see is when an author begins reading and quoting the mystics, in time, he or she begins to absorb the spirituality of the mystics and then pass it on to their followers.

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