Letter to Muddy Waters Author: “Have worked and lived among Canada’s First Nations and Inuit peoples for a number of years”

To Nanci Des Gerlaise (Lighthouse Trails author of Muddy Waters) from a Lighthouse Trails Reader
[excerpts used with permission from writer and author]

Just a little note to express my thankfulness to you for writing Muddy Waters.  I praise God for the grace He provided you in courageously writing and publishing this book.

My husband and I are Caucasian but have worked and lived among Canada’s First Nations and Inuit peoples for a number of years.  We knew that Native Spirituality was being practiced, but we knew nothing about it.  The children among the Inuit would sometimes tell “secrets” that were rather alarming, and as a Christian, I understood they were speaking about demonic activity.  I remember feeling scared, overwhelmed, and inadequate to share the Gospel with the kids who would talk.  As medical workers, we saw first hand the effects of Native Spirituality (drug overdoses, abuse, suicide attempts, mental illness etc.) but didn’t understand the root of these effects.  Instead, we attributed such behaviour to their tragic history with the government and church (which is definitely an aspect of the suffering, but not the root of it).  Ignorantly, we attended drum dancing ceremonies and one smudge ceremony.  I thank you for bringing to our attention what these ceremonies really are – we have prayed and taken time to renounce any ties that may have been formed by our presence at these ceremonies. . . .

I wish so much we could sit and have coffee (or tea or whatever).  I have so many questions to ask about sharing the Gospel with First Nations and Inuit peoples – especially since I am white.  I personally must remember that Jesus is not “a white man’s religion” and stop assuming that this is how He will be viewed.  He has purchased victory for every person who calls out to Him.  He is what every person needs for salvation and reconciliation to God. . . .

I praise God for the work you have done and are doing.  My husband and I have witnessed the tremendous need for the Gospel to be brought to Canada’s arctic.  At this point we can only surrender our lives to Him as vessels for His work and trust His direction, preparation, and ability.

Thank you again.  God bless you.

Joyfully HIS, _______________

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