Rick Warren, Readers Digest Join Forces for New Publication

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According to a press release issued by Rick Warren’s media outlet, Rick Warren has formed a partnership with Reader’s Digest, which will be launched early next year. The headline for the release states: “RICK WARREN AND READER’S DIGEST ASSOCIATION CREATE A MULTI-PLATFORM PARTNERSHIP TO SERVE PURPOSE DRIVEN READERS: New Purpose Driven Connection to Deliver Spiritual Content and Community in Category-Busting Formats Worldwide.”

Referring to his organization as the “Purpose Driven Connection movement,” Warren says: “Since the book was published, we’ve received hundreds of thousands of requests from readers asking for more help.” The press release states that Rick Warren and Reader’s Digest will use “international staffs and global networks of both organizations” to provide “synergistic development of tools, training and community to service the millions of readers of Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life.”

Warren says the Purpose Driven Network began in 1985 and was a service to pastors, but the new Purpose Driven Connection “will service the general public.” This service will come in the form of a quarterly magazine, The Purpose Driven Connection but will also include several other formats such as multi-media materials for small groups and a “social networking” service. Warren plans to use this new partnership to bolster his newest campaign, 40 Days of Love and says (of the partnership): “It is unlike anything else and has the potential to change hundreds of millions of lives.”

The premier edition of the new Purpose Driven/Reader’s Digest magazine will feature several well known Christian figures including Max Lucado, Bill Hybels, Kay Warren, Lee Strobel, and Tim Keller. It will also feature an interview between Rick Warren and Barack Obama.

Calling the Purpose Driven Connection “revolutionary” where people can “discover their purpose for life” and “interact with others through the online community, small group network and the global PEACE initiative.”

To better understand the nature of Rick Warren’s movement, please read Faith Undone and Deceived on Purpose. This is a highly deceptive movement that is capturing the attention and loyalty of millions across the world. Rick Warren is a major “evangelist” for contemplative spirituality as well as for the emerging church, both of which embrace mystical and New Age spirituality and both of which are building bridges to form a one global religious body. Interestingly, while Reader’s Digest may be considered to be in a more “conservative” camp, leaders of RD may not realize that Rick Warren is on the “Leadership Council” of a very liberal organization, Service Nation, an organization that is working toward required volunteer service by every American.The motto of Service Nation, “Be the Change,” is taken from Hindu guru, Mahatma Gandhi.

“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” II Corinthians 11:14-15

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