Robert Schuller reveals new ecumenical vision for the future

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Last week, we reported on the L.A. Times article titled “Rev. Robert H. Schuller ousts his son as ‘Hour of Power’ preacher.” On this week’s Hour of Power, Robert Schuller has issued a statement about the new vision for his ministry, one he says will be “ecumenical.” Below are a few excerpts from his statement:

One of the greatest ministers in our denomination and in the history of the United States was Norman Vincent Peale. In addition, this ministry has impacted the shape and the face of Protestant and even Catholic ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit….

A mission is a place where you ask non-believers to come and find hope and feel love!…

This spirit is the underlining principle that we have taught to over 50,000 pastors who over the years attended the Institute for Successful Church Leadership. These pastors returned home and built upon it and even surpassed what they learned from me. Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, and many other pastors of most of the biggest churches today are a result of applying that principle….

[A]fter much prayer we got a new vision and it is this: We’re going to invite great preachers in America that have never been on television to be guest preachers here. In fact, the greatest sermons ever preached from the Crystal Cathedral here in Garden Grove will be by guest pastors….

And we have to prove to the world that the church of Jesus Christ can be ecumenical! We’re not just one denomination. We are a representation of the beloved Christians, whether they are Pentecostals, whether they are Orthodox, whether they’re Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, or whatever…. We will feature the great preachers from the world, starting with names of men who went to our Institute within the last 40 years. You’ll hear, of course, from Bill Hybels, one of the greatest ministers in the world….

[W]e became a positive witness to the Roman Catholic Church, which at its best is still the mother church of Christianity. Norman Vincent Peale, the greatest positive thinking preacher from a mainline denomination in history preached here often…. Henry Nouwen, top of the letter, Roman Catholic, theologian, phenomenally.


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