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Follower of the Nazarene said : Guest 8 months ago

Need to add, John and Lisa Bevere, Francis Chan, Greg Boyd, Preston Sprinkle and Brian Zahnd to the ever growing list. Also reach out to Berean Call. They are working on putting together a flow chart of "who's who" since the list of names associated with the apostasy is growing beyond what the memory can recall. That needs to be a combined effort. Love you guys! Thank you for all that you do!

admin said : administrator 8 months ago

You can find out specific information about the names in the booklet at the following websites. Use the available search engines where you can type in a name: www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog www.spiritual-research-network.com www.deceptioninthechurch.com This particular booklet is just a directory to help people recognize the authors whose teachings and writings do not line up with biblical truth. We know many of the names profess to be Christian and may indeed be very nice people. It is not their personal lives we are challenging but rather the teachings that are being presented in the church as biblical when they are not.

Steve Bourne said : Guest 8 months ago

Does the booklet go into any more detail on why an author is specifically added. One I was vaguely familiar with Ann VosKamp has a slick website and seems as sweet as apple pie. Okay I read a post and never really saw a Biblical passage referenced. She professes Christian values and has the obligatory links to the Creeds etc. Are you able provide more detail on the folks on the lists so we can understand more clearly what we are looking for in potentially distracting or harmful sites. Cheers

admin said : administrator 11 months ago

Thank you June. At the time this booklet was done, we saw the Johnson's mostly in the hyper-charismatic group which the booklet doesn't cover. However, since Quantum Physics of Heaven, it definitely brings them into the scope of this booklet. We will be adding their names in the next printing.

Dr. June Knight said : Guest 11 months ago

Also, thank you for all your research and hard work. I'd love to interview you on http://watbradio.com/watb-registration. Please register :)

Dr. June Knight said : Guest 11 months ago

You leave off serious names such as Bill & Beni Johnson and that whole crew who just wrote the book Quantum Physics of Heaven.

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