Is This Our Future: Mandatory Community Service, a Three-Legged Purpose Driven Plan, and a Brave New World?

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by Kjos Ministries
LTRP Note: Please keep in mind while reading this article by Berit Kjos that Rick Warren is on the Leadership Council of Service Nation. Service Nation is Rick Warren’s three-legged global peace plan in action.

“Mind Change and Collective Service”
by Berit Kjos

At the dawn of Stalin’s deadly reign in the 1930s — when Communist leader Antonio Gramsci was writing his cunning formula for transforming the West — numerous European Marxist were searching for effective strategies for mass control. As Hitler rose to power, some fled to America where they fine-tuned their tactics at “progressive” institutions like Columbia University. Welcomed by liberal educators, they found plenty of opportunity to test and teach their theories. Others merely exported their research to fellow revolutionaries in America. Their names — Adorno, Marcuse, Lukács and Lewin — don’t ring many bells today, but no one can escape their impact on our nation.

Their radical schemes fit right into the dialectic process. Like Saul Alinsky, their followers would “unfreeze” minds from uncompromising Truth, fill them with a passion for collectivism, “refreeze” them with the new ideology, and establish socialism in America.

Before long, the mind-changing process that transformed the Soviet masses became the centerpiece of “service learning” in schools and communities. Students everywhere would be immersed in practical collectivism — what the Soviets called Praxis.

Remember, the primary goal behind such group service is “service learning,” NOT compassion for the poor. The latter is mainly a feel-good incentive for group participation in a communal purpose, vision, activity and transformation. (See Purpose-driven groups)

This scheme matches the old Nazi model. Young Germans from age 10 to 19 had to serve in the Hitler Youth program. And, as Hitler affirmed back in 1933, ‘the whole of National Socialism [Nazism] is based on Marxism.” His brainwashed servants, who became anything but compassionate, just copied the Communist strategies:

“The purpose of labor service was partly practical — to… provide a source of cheap labor — but mainly ideological. It was part of the cult of community current in the youth movement now manipulated by the Nazis for their own end.”

But shouldn’t we gladly and willingly serve the needy and each other? Yes, of course! But not in ways that prompt us to twist, compromise or hide His Word under the banner of unity or charity. Click here to read this entire article and view citations.

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