13 Comments on Richard Wurmbrand’s Son, Michael Wurmbrand, Comes Forth – Asks VOM to Allow Independent Investigation

Steven M Antonelli said : Guest a month ago

thank you for honoring the blood of Christ

Mike fuller said : Guest 2 months ago

while some may say "Should we not still support Vom for the part of them that do good ? The Answer is NO , for a little leaven causes the whole lump to be corrupt . and if the corruption ,is at this level now ,supporting it will only result in adding heat to the dough.. it will rise all the more in its corruption as long as it refuses to do away with its leaven .

Carmenza said : Guest 2 months ago

I made VOM my top charity to support for about 2 years. When I learned about Sabina and Ricard Wurmbrand had a son, I googled him, and found out that VOM was using the donations for persecuted Christians to build a $28 million dollars headquarter in Oklahoma, this is corruption! What else can they do using the Wurmbrand good intentions? I am not supporting VOM any longer. I know Michael Wurmbrand is supporting an organization that gives 100% of donations to persecuted Christians. I will take my time to learn more about it and support the good steward.

Jenn said : Guest 4 months ago

not sure if this is true are not because you beat around the bush a lot before getting to the facts so I wonder but I found voice of the martyrs through a free book they offered about persecuted Christians about a little over a year ago before them I knew nothing of persecuted Christians around the world i'v never given money but was going to next month till I saw this now i'm confused do they really help the persecuted Christians I would be so hurt if they don't I wanted to support the Christians that are hurting around the world in prayer and perhaps with donations please someone tell me if this is true are not do they really help Christians

Pamela Eveland said : Guest 4 months ago

I am disheartened by this news, but not surprised. The Bible tells us this will happen in the end times. I wish VOM would be transparent and support an unbiased investigation. Pedophilia is a horrific crime and if there are more children that need protection or healing, or if there is any way an investigation would prevent an act of pedophilia from occurring to someone else, or even if it would give one girl closure, we should by all means enthusiastically encourage such an investigation. If, however, the only thing an investigation would accomplish is to prevent the 10 year old girl from moving forward with her life and drag Tom White's family through the muck, then it wouldn't be very helpful. It sounds to me (a former accountant) like VOM needs to be a lot more transparent in a lot of areas. I think it's very helpful that Amelia Coleman pointed out that, according to IRS Form 990s VOM spent 64% of it's 2016 income oqn foreign "projects", and that this is actually a high percentage. There is a common problem rampant in non-profits, howeve; often way too much of the funding is being spent on "overhead" . Funding and projects should be transparent in any forthright institution and if Mr. Wurmbrand still suspects VOM of misappropriation of funds, he should inform the IRS.

Koh Yang Kim said : Guest 7 months ago

Perhaps we christians have been too naive and trusting for too long. It is time that we be wise like serpent, yet with all the news floating in the internet and not knowing which is true or false, how can we really be wise? Except by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Cyndi said : Guest 9 months ago

It is sad that they are not willing to have an independent investigation just to show that they are above reproach, if they are. After reading from Lighthouse Trails, etc. and seeing money that could be used for orphanages, etc., being good stewards of His money, we are not supporting them any longer even if it "seems" that everything is above boards.

Tim Watkins said : Guest 9 months ago

Thank you for being true to God’s word and letting us know the truth about all of these things.

Denise Verdi said : Guest 9 months ago

I put in a Wrong phone #. It’s 440-622-6611

Denise Verdi said : Guest 9 months ago

This was truly disturbing information. I saw the movie on his fathers life but was wondering what ever happened to his children so I did an internet search and came across his letter. I am mortified! Is this true???? Denise 430-622-6611

Amelia Coleman said : Guest 9 months ago

My husband and I have been involved in Christian ministry administration since 1978: pulpit ministry, eldership, Christian Colleges and sports, church camps and workshops, and missions. We have NEVER failed witness Satan's scraggly, filthy fingernail finding a heart to Pierce, hoping to stop all hearts from beating. We've noticed the same thing in business. We choose to continue our support of VOM because we've researched the actual audited financial reports and IRS Form 990s of five of the major organizations proporting to assist persecuted Christians around the world. In 2016 VOM sent 64% of annual donations to foreign work..the next best was Open Doors at 31%. VOM, like all others, is imperfect. Their leaders, like all others, will be held accountable by a just God. But since I can't send my money straight to those folks I have to depend on someone with connections and a heart. VOMs heart is beating strong for the persecuted.

Bruce Holmes said : Guest 9 months ago

The Christian Church is under heavy attack. Is VOM still not worth giving to. Bruce Holmes

Hal Johnson said : Guest 9 months ago

I have supported VOM both financially and by recommendation to others to support, for close to 20 years. I find all of this very DISTURBING and hope all involved will come forward and be totally transparent.

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