2 Comments on NEW BOOKLET: What You Need to Know About Jim Wallis and the Social-Justice Gospel

Mary Jane Daigle said : Guest 3 days ago

I would love for my pastor & friends to read this, but it is so long. I couldn't finish it but got the drift of it all. I need a shorter version for anyone to care to read it. It's very informative but takes so much of any ones time to read it. Thanks for the info though - wish I could forward it.

Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 7 days ago

My son, a missionary in Europe, informed me a few yrs. ago that those churches that are doing Spiritual Formation, mantras, lectio divina, etc. have greater incidences of sexual immorality among the pastors and leaders due to the sensual nature of these Jesuit practices and also the heresy that everyboday goes to Heaven (Rob Bell). Look at what has happened at Willow Creek with the resignation of Bill Hybels and others. Attempted cover-ups in the church. So horrible and sad.

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