Letter to the Editor: Lighthouse Trails Acts in Fear

Dear Staff of Lighthouse Trails Publishing:

I recently stumbled upon your website while looking for lyrics to a Christian song.  As I began to  browse your site, the Holy Spirit began to stir something in me that I feel called to share with you.  While I am not familiar with all of the authors/artists you refer to, many of them like Beth Moore, Max Lucado, and Michael W. Smith have been instrumental in leading many I know to Christ.  Everything about them honors Him and glorifies His name….

I also notice that you site many Early Christians that others (whom you believe to be dangerous) have sited in their work;  yet do not explain why you think early Christians were wrong in what they did.  As far as I have read, these people followed Christ closely and are considered very holy people. I am confused as to why you refer to contemplative prayer as “emerging” when it was practiced by early Christians thousands of years ago.  This is part of the history of Christ’s church and while it is often misunderstood, it is guided by the Holy Spirit.  While I am not writing to argue doctrine, I am questioning your objection to this kind of prayer.

I am well aware of the “New Age” Movement, where humans elevate themselves to the level of God. Maybe some of the authors and speakers you refer to have promoted this kind of thing.  ( As I mentioned, I had not heard of all the authors/speakers.)   However,  true contemplative prayer is just the opposite.  In order to be completely still and silent before God, one must become humble.  Mother Teresa practiced this form of silence daily.  Would  you say she was against Christ?

What I am sensing on your website is fear.  God does not give us fear, only love.  Fear can only come from Satan, and His distortion of Truth.  I am praying that God open your minds and hearts to ALL that He is.  While the bible was given to us to guide us (and contains the word of God), so were many other important treasures from God.  God is too awesome to be bound in a book alone . . . He has so much more to share with His people if we would just listen.  He continues to speak now!

I also sensed that you are people that want to please the Lord.  The time and effort that you took to create your website demonstrates this.  After reading your doctrinal statement, I see that you are rooted in biblical principles and I am going to assume that you also love as Christ commanded, That we “love our neighbor as ourselves.”  If that is the case, please really get to know your neighbors before pitting others against them.  Please don’t make assumptions about contemplative prayer and the Catholic church that aren’t true. (Maybe visit an adoration chapel:)  Lastly, please know that God wants us united as Christians, not divided.  I will continue to pray for all of you.  God bless you!

“From a Caring, Concerned Friend in Christ”

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