Free Speech Web Hosting – Something to Think About

LTRP Note: We are providing the following article for website owners who believe in standing up for biblical faith and who may need a web hosting company that does not shut down controversial sites.

by Jim Atkinson
Web Hosting Database
Out of house writer

The Internet, once the last bastion of truly free speech, is slowly being overrun by lawyers and government officials the world over. Certainly, there are criminals who need to be apprehended for their online exploits, but those of us who are merely exercising our first amendment right should feel protected. Sadly, many mainstream Web hosts will drop your site as soon as you attract the smallest amount of opposition. They are, after all, intimidated by the threat of losing money in a lawsuit. Luckily, there are still a few brave Web hosting companies that cherish free speech and that will stand behind your site. Below, we have listed 11 hosts that won’t dump you at the first sign of controversy. Click here to read this entire article. Please use your own discretion and wisdom when choosing a web host company.

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