1. Jeffry

    Dear Dr. Andy, did you thank your dad for giving you a large congregation? You want leaders in your church not pastors. What about elders? The Bible tells us the gifts of the church are from The Lord Jesus. Any evangelists? pastor-teachers? Elders? Helpers? How can unsaved people lead your church? Women teachers? what about first corinthians chapter 14:34? Then chapter 11 of first corinthians. The Headship of Christ mean anything to you? chapter 11:3 What about the angels in 11:10. Angels look on at the breaking of bread every sunday. The first day of the week. They look at the worship of Gods people on earth who are proclaiming the Lords Death till He come . Angels are learning about redemption. What do angels see on sunday at your church North Point. Does your congregation Brake Bread every sunday? This do in remembrance of Me. The Lord Jesus gave this instruction to Paul for all churches. I am sorry Dr. Andy, you did not bridge the gap between the emerging church and evangelical Christianity. You blew the bridge up.

  2. Gail

    The link to Andy Stanley’s book review of Deep and Wide is broken. Our District super is recommending this book to the pastors and I’d like to know more about it. Thanks!

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