2 Comments on Letter to the Editor: False Unity Growing Among U.S. Pastors – Say “Unity” is Key to Revival

May I Not Clang said : Guest 6 months ago

Note this "city takeover" held at The Rock of Roseville had Banning Liebscher from Bethel and David Sliker from IHOP. The Rock of Roseville flies under the radar, but it is a feeder church to both IHOP and Bethel. Last fall they had Sliker from IHOP come to speak to the Jr. Highers - preconditioning for future interns? Pastor Anfuso's daughter is in leadership at Bethel and comes back to the Rock to promote BSSM, Beni Johnson, and how to find your prophetic voice. https://twitter.com/hashtag/citytakeover2013?src=hash

linda smith said : Guest 11 months ago

Does this false unity also include Karl Faase (Jesus the Game Changer) and Nicky Gumbel (Alpha course)? Both being widely distributed to churches in the US, Canada, UK, originating in Australia and Canada. John Ortberg is on the Olive Tree Media team of Karl Faase....correct? There seems to be an international network being developed. Different names but the same message. Is Faase connected to the NAR?....Spiritual Formation?

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