Understand The Times Myanmar Relief Update From Roger Oakland

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by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland  
From: Understand The Times
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 1:27 PM
To: Understand The Times

Below is a letter from Elisha [from Myanmar orphanage project] that I received a few days ago that describes some details of the disaster in Myanmar. Philip, Elisha, Mang and Ingam are documenting the needs in their areas and are waiting for Tom who is waiting for his visa.

I am amazed by the funds that have been donated from various sources – over $30,000. Moriel Ministries, In The Days and Berean Call have helped out tremendously to get the word out. The generosity of people has been incredible. The amount that has been donated from Europe from people who know the ministry of UTT has been a wonderful blessing.

Pray that we will be able to get these resources into the hands of our people who will be able to administer this assistance along with hope in Jesus. All funds will be accounted for as we are keeping a record of who gets what and will follow up in the future as relationships are established. We have had a number of gospel promoting tools donated to us that we will also be taking over – God Story, Good Test in Burmese, etc.

As you can understand, the inflation has impacted our existing programs in Myanmar. We will need to adjust and support our people’s needs first and then help them to help others.

This will be an ongoing project that will continue into the future as the Lord provides through His people.

Sincerely in Christ,

Roger Oakland

Dear Roger,

As I told you before to investigate personally the worst place, I began my journey to Bokalay on Saturday 9;00 AM and arrived there at 4:00PM and coming back yesterday. Right after getting there, I walked around the town till the night fall and it was really terrible.

I have tracts distribution, asking their family and neighborhood situations at the same time sharing the Gospel and offering some charity gifts to the real needy the best I could. And by the grace of God, I met two elders at night who came from the village where a great disaster took place.

Their explanation and sharing of the situation gave me an idea to help and share the Gospel at once. They gave me the exact list of their village lost or met destruction. Only from their own village out of 554 in population and 87 family, 27 died 7 Monks out of them. 372 acre rice fields are destroyed. Plough engine for their field 25, 114 buffalo, 269 Pig, 350 Chicken, Duck 2000 and 80% of their houses including Basic Education school.

They can not give the exact number of death in the whole district of Bokalay but they guess that it will not be less then 60000. According to their explanation, Bokalay district is divided into 78 township or areas and generally there are 20-30 villages and 20000 – 40000 population in one township or area and in the worst township more than 20% are disappeared.

Before I went there,I did not give more regard than outskirt people of Yangon but after seeing the situation with my own eyes, it took my heart deeply to give more concern of them. Of course, there are many humanitarian aids goes but more of their helps will recover only for their temporary needs not for what they have lost. So, it will be a very great privilege for us to reach them with the Gospel if we have long-term project to help those in needs.

I don’t how far we may be able to help them, we are here waiting for Tom’s coming with prayer to work for those people.

In Jesus

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