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As we reported a few days ago when the cyclone disaster hit Myanmar, Roger Oakland’s ministry Understand the Times has four orphan homes in Yangon, Myanmar, and the welfare of the children and staff at the orphanages was unknown. We are overjoyed to report that Roger has now received emails from the homes, and all the children and workers at all four homes are safe! We are praising the Lord with Understand the Times for His graciousness and mercy to these precious ones. We also pray that many in Myanmar will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior during this terrible time of such devastation and loss, where the death toll may rise as high as 100,000 with over a million people now homeless.

The following is a statement by Roger Oakland and also the emails he received from his people in Myanmar:

Update on Situation from Bryce Lodges in Yangon

Early this morning I received two more letters from our Understand The Times representatives in Yangon. All our immediate family have been preserved from the storm.

We are presently in the process of sending someone over to Yangon to provide assistance and to help organize the dispersal of assistance through Understand The Times in the surrounding area.

Please pray for favor that we may receive the necessary visas and be able to go.

A fund for supporting the victims of the Myanmar disaster has been established at

Checks can be sent to our two offices in Canada and USA.

Following are the two letters that were received today:

Dear Roger,

Internet access was down, now only I can email you again. Hope that you are getting better in these days. With our children we are always praying for your health.

At the time thousands of people lose their lives, by His protection, we are survived but our programs and plan of wedding was failed on Saturday and changed on Sunday. It turned to helping others in needs especially for our members. Since every one was busy with his own work, phone line and transportation problems caused by the storm and flood, so we just called a church pastor, Philip and Dante and only some of our neighbor and made wedding at home.

We learned so many lessons from those things happened. we felt that God has taught
us not to love the world neither the things that are in the world. It made clear that our earthly life is just really temporary and unreliable. Now, the city of Yangon and it’s surrounding areas lose it’s beautifulness. It has a lot of changes and different from the time you came to Myanmar…. [The prices] of things are getting higher day by day.

And unlimited numbers of outskirt people are in trouble because they are homeless and without food. By His grace in this time we have privileges to show our love, care and concern to our church members at Shwelinpan who are in trouble by giving rice and the funds they are really in need.

Among our members at Shwelinpan, two of the tents (houses) were fallen down and faded away. another one of the roof was destroyed. One was survived.

If we can not continue to supply their need, they will be without food and house. So, I let you know the condition of our church members at Shwelinpan. Beside, thousands of outskirt people are in great trouble. they can not solve the problems they have by their own.

Please pray that these things lead them to know and trust the Saviour alone.

Your brother in Christ


Brother Roger:

I am so sorry that I could not give you information about us earlier.

I know that many people concern about our situation. We are saved.

Bryce Lodges One, Two and my family are saved. We do not suffer any serious damages.
But the prices are sky rocketed.

Thank you so much for your concern.

Prayer Requests:

1. Give thanks to God for He has saved us from this storm.

2. Pray for all the Bryce children for the coming admissions to the school. Usually,
admissions start about May 20.

Sincerely yours,

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