PART 1: ‘An Evangelical Manifesto’ criticizes politics of faith

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LTRP Note: The following article is from CNN, reporting on a document that is going to be released this Wednesday and signed by several “evangelical” leaders including Rick Warren. Lighthouse Trails will issue an article on this document after it has been released. In the meantime, we thought our readers would want to learn about “An Evangelical Manifesto,” another effort by some highly influential figures to marginalize biblical Christians.

Associated Press

‘An Evangelical Manifesto’ criticizes politics of faith

AP – Conservative Christian leaders who believe the word “evangelical” has lost its religious meaning plan to release a starkly self-critical document saying the movement has become too political and has diminished the Gospel through its approach to the culture wars.

The statement, called “An Evangelical Manifesto,” condemns Christians on the right and left for using faith to express political views without regard to the truth of the Bible, according to a draft of the document obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

“That way faith loses its independence, Christians become ‘useful idiots’ for one political party or another, and the Christian faith becomes an ideology,” according to the draft.Click here to read this entire article.

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