Letter to the Editor: Disheartened with Lack of Discernment in So Many Christian Lives

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Dear Lighthouse Trails,

I am saddened that so many teachers, preachers, and writers have no problem putting out such blatant lies.  Maybe some would say that “they” were misinformed, but it is up to all of us as individuals to know that truth.  It is disheartening to read such deception, knowing many pastors will teach it to their congregations.  Being a Berean or apologist seems to be a dirty word.  Do people study God’s word?  Do they compare His word to those of (too many to name) Rick Warren and the like?

I personally question their walk with the Lord because of what they believe and teach.  How dreadful for them to teach lies and deceive so many.  Yes, everyone should know the Word, but many are lazy and want others to tell them what it says and how to live the Christian life.  But it is their “Christian life,” not what God’s Word says.

I see it in my own church friends that read Jesus Calling.  They go to New Age sites on Facebook and post the quotes they think are sweet and good, without realizing they are from people, famous or not, that are New Agers, Hindus, Scientologists, Buddhists, and Wiccans.  When I warn them of the quotes they post, they are offended.  Sometimes they remove the posts, but they are back at it again within a day or two.

God will not be mocked.  We are to worship in spirit and truth.  His word(s) are absolute.  Our faith, trust, and belief in eternal life is only through Christ.

So I ask . . .  Are they saved?  Are they walking a tightrope that ends in destruction?  Can a professed Christian unknowingly fellowship with darkness (no matter how innocent it looks) and still be in Christ?

I have been told that I should not search apologetic sites because they are out for blood and really only want to hurt those who have new insights.  (That leaves a nasty taste in my mouth to even say that).  While some are vengeful, most, like yours, tell the truth and warn true believers.  You tell people to pray for those in blindness and bondage to false teachings.  That is exactly how we are to act, in love.  I know there are times we have to not just step on a few toes, but stomp on them to get someone’s attention; but it is to save them from death, Hell, and the grave.

So again I ask . . . are they saved?

Thank you for the opportunity to send my comments and questions.  God bless you all with wisdom and boldness as you continue to light up and expose what is in the darkness of those professing truth.


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