1. admin

    If we talking about the same Cedarville University, it is not hard to see that they are promoting Spiritual Formation. Perhaps Dr. White and Dr. Wood are not in the know about it? They have an entire Spiritual Formation program there. At least one of the textbooks in their Spiritual Formation courses is by a contemplative proponent: John Piper. https://www.cedarville.edu/courses/schedule/2017sp_bi_btge.htm.

    Make sure you also ask to see the syllabus’ for any classes your child will be attending.

  2. admin

    Also make sure you ask to see a textbook list for the entire school. We would be happy to review that for you.

  3. Lisa DeGarmo

    I just left a homeschool convention at which I personally asked Dr. White and Dr. Jon Wood directly about these issues, which were HUGE comcerns of mine. Both assurred me that Cedarville does not teach or promote or endorse any form of CP, spiritual discipline/formation, lectio divina, prayer circles, labryinths, or any thing remotely related. They have a statement of faith that each of their teacher sign yearly. I will be visiting the campus tomorrow and intend to see if I can review this statement.

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