2 Comments on NEW BOOKLET: Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer – Their History of Contemplative Prayer and Why War Room Should Not Have Used Them

Linda said : Guest 2 months ago

I think Barb expressed it well here in this comment section. What the Lord will do about this is also something to ponder. I am struggling to even find a church that preaches the Gospel. It's quite frightening.

Barb said : Guest 6 months ago

Thank you so much for your insightful and articulate article. It seems like we have lost our minds. It seems like because someone is popular, high profile, or seemingly important we throw out true reason and just go with it!!! I pray that God would keep us in the power of His Word alone and make us strong in the simplicity of that alone. It is so refreshing to read a voice crying in the wilderness...this is not what it seems!! look deeper!! see the deception!!! Help us Lord! Thank you again and please keep up the faithful work of being truth to a fallen world.

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