SPECIAL ALERT: The Oneness Blessing – Pathway to Global Awakening

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While countless people in the Western world are embracing mystical practices such as Yoga, Reiki, and contemplative meditation, most of them have probably not yet heard of the Oneness Movement – but that is likely going to change. The Oneness Movement is a fast growing effort to bring the Oneness Blessing to millions of people around the world with the hope of changing people’s consciousness and thus the state of the planet. This Oneness experience takes place when a Oneness Blessing giver places his or her hands on a person’s head (although it can also be bestowed through eye contact or even simple intention), and a sense of awakening into oneness is imparted.

According to a recent article in Natural Awakenings magazine, the Oneness Blessing is:

…essentially a transfer of intelligent or divine energy from a Blessing giver to a Blessing receiver – the intention of which is meant to catalyze a realization of oneness with all forms of life on the planet, including the planet itself … and it is from this point that an evolutionary awakening in consciousness takes place. 2

Today, there are 1300 trained Blessing givers in the US alone, with that number growing steadily. There are 12,000 currently in India. We believe that people are being prepared to accept the Oneness Blessing through the massive growth and popularity of practices such as Yoga and Reiki, which have been plowing the soil for greater acceptance of mysticism in the mainstream culture.

When one looks at the Oneness movement, you can see the potential for an even greater surge of spiritual transformation. There seems to be an incremental increase in the scope and intensity of the spiritual momentum that is driving New Age consciousness. It is estimated that tens of millions have already received the Oneness Blessing, and it is not just in the New Age camp:

They [people] might be surprised to learn of numerous religious leaders – Christian, Catholic, and Muslim among others – who have embraced the Oneness Blessing and its vision of helping precipitate a global shift in consciousness.

Right now, it is set up so those interested in becoming Blessing givers must travel to India and take a 21 day course. If a similar center is established in the US, and/or Canada, then the numbers can be expected to soar.

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