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  1. Tim Smith

    Dear Chris, So needed , and so well said. I attend a calvary chapel in Portland, OR and have found of late the womens leaders support beth moore, and considers joyce meyer a sister in the Lord. I have been shunned and rebuked for exposing Billy Graham of which they are strong supporters and donators. I have been badly counseled by an associate who states I may be a spiritual abuser myself for alerting another sister in the Lord of the wolves found in the likes of joyce meyer, beth moore, Kenneth Copeland, steve furtick, td jakes and a host of others. I sought counsel from the associate how to handle the issue with the sister that referred to me as a spiritual abuser for warning her about the false teachers she receives. The Associate said, simply he had to take it on face value and maybe I was a spiritual abuser, and nothing ever done about it since. Yes, they preach the word well, however standing on the word remains to be seen. My prayers are for the sheep, who blindly follow. Bless you Chris, for you have and are a confirming voice of the very few who truly have a heart for God and His uncompromised Word. For it is true, Jesus said if they hated me they will hate you. Who would have guessed that the hatred more often than not would come from the shepherds and sheep.

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