YEAR IN REVIEW: Rick Warren, one of the world’s “top 100 most influential people” in 2009

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In May 2009, Time magazine named Rick Warren one of the world’s top 100 most influential people. What exactly was Warren influencing in 2009? Lighthouse Trails presented the following news stories throughout the year. Because possibly 1/2 million churches around the world have turned to the Purpose Driven Movement for direction, it is worth taking some time to review these:

(January 2, 2009) News With Views by Paul Proctor – WARREN AND OBAMA WALK HAND IN HAND

(January 21, 2009) by Daniel Cordell – Inauguration: Rick Warren Prays in Name of “Isa,” Muslim False “Jesus”

(January 27, 2009) Kjos Ministries by Lorin Smith –  New World Order Will Echo Rick Warren – Fundamentalists Are a Threat

(February 1, 2009) by Lighthouse Trails editors – Rick Warren’s New Magazine, Purpose Driven Connection, Promotes the New Global Spirituality

(February 23, 2009) by Lighthouse Trails editors – Rick Warren/Reader’s Digest Partnership Targets New Multi-Million Member Audience

(April 8, 2009) by One News NowRick Warren on Larry King:  Changes Statements on Homosexual Marriage

(April 13, 2009) Town Hall by Sandy Rios – Rick Warren’s Holy Week Crisis

(June 19, 2009) The IndyStarIslamic Society convention lands appearance from Rick Warren

(July 2, 2009) One News NowRick Warren speaking to Islamic group with terror ties

(July 6, 2009) Olive Tree News by Jan Markell –  An Open Letter to Rick Warren On His Talk to Islamic Audience

(July 13, 2009) CrossTalk by Ingrid Schlueter – Rick Warren Calls On Muslims And Christians To Work Together

(July 24, 2009) by Warren B. Smith – Chief Saddleback Apologist Defends New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet

(August 1, 2009) Discern the Times – Rick Warren Embarks on Followup to Purpose Driven Life

(August 7, 2009) by Lighthouse Trails Editors – Why Rick Warren Should Not Tell Rob Bell: “Just wanted to encourage you to ignore critics.”

(September 9, 2009) by Ray Yungen – Why is Rick Warren Included in a Book That is Exposing New Age Interspirituality?

(September 13, 2009) CrossTalk with Paul Proctor – Rick Warren: From Tolerance to Respect

(September 26, 2009) by Tamara Hartzell  – Is it Through the Blood of Our Redeemer Jesus Christ or the Lifeblood of a Local Church That We Have Spiritual Life?

(October 17, 2009) Christian PostReport Says Young Evangelicals Calling Rick Warren/Bono Role Models

(November 5, 2009) New York TimesReader’s Digest/Rick Warren Magazine Venture Ends After Less Than One Year

(December 15, 2009) Deception in the Church by Sandy Simpson – Rick Warren and the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill – The Rest of the Story

(December 20, 2009) by Lighthouse Trails editors – Will Saddleback Contemplative Join Jonathan Falwell “Team”?