1. Bea Berean

    Pilates at its core is all about energy work (as in prana, vital force, opening chakras). All the theories behind it are based in Eastern mysticism but are masked as exercise to please and deceive the masses. Pranayama is essentially breath yoga. It is all about bringing this prana/chi spiritual energy into your body and true Pilates incorporates this into it. Just as some try to simplify yoga and say it is just exercise, they do the same with Pilates. One can try to justify anything but God does not change. He was never okay with His people incorporating paganism into their lives. Pilates is based on Eastern mystic paganism with some exercise thrown in. To say differently is to deceive yourself.

  2. Andrea

    Pilates does not involve ANY mind control. It does however involve CORE Muscle control. The breathing is not spiritual in any way. The breathing is designed to put an anaerobic effect on the body so that you can sweat and trim away the fat! I have never read any book about contrology but the only book I have looked through that teaches pilates shows the moves and gives you the amount of times to do the exercises so as to tone the body. It is not the same as yoga.

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