Forest Fire Prayer Request for Warren Smith

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Update 3:30 pm 7/22: The fire is 50% contained and has not reached any homes. Warren and Joy thank all of you who have been praying for them these past two weeks where three fires have threatened them. They have a sense of peace (and Warren attributes much of that to so many praying for them) and know that they are in the Lord’s hands and that He will lead them during this time. God bless each one of you for your concern and prayers.

Update 9:30pm 7/22: 70% Containment on the Coarsegold Fire and all evacuations have been lifted! Lighthouse Trails editors and authors thank the Lord for the prayers of the Lighthouse Trails readers (our brothers and sisters in Christ). This isn’t the first time that a dire situation has turned shortly after you all started praying.

Please pray for our author and co-worker, Warren Smith, again. Another forest fire is nearing their property this afternoon as we write this, and the neighborhood is being evacuated. As we reported a couple weeks ago, Warren’s house underwent a house fire causing extensive damage (due to faulty wiring). A forest fire began about the same time in their vicinity. This third fire today is even closer. Thank you for your prayers for this family. When you prayed two weeks ago, the forest fire was put out within hours.

We captured this photo from Facebook. This is the fire that is near Warren’s property in central California.
Same fire from a distance.

Same fire from a distance.

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