Tallahassee Democrat: The Emerging Church Had a Good Year


LTRP NOTE: Because of the dangerous and anti-biblical beliefs of the emerging church, the following article by an out-of-house news source should encourage and prompt believers to continue their defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their warning to those they know about this movement. With Rick Warren, Willow Creek, and many other Christian leaders promoting and evangelizing for the emerging church, it is no wonder the headlines read “Emerging church had good year.” If you have not read Faith Undone, a compelling and accurate expose’ of the emerging church, we encourage you to do so.

“Emerging Church Had Good Year”
by Leo Sandon
Tallahassee Democrat

“During the past year, buzz about the Emerging Church Movement became louder. This 21st-century alternative Protestantism is intriguing, somewhat puzzling and difficult to define….

“The Emerging Church Movement is alive and well and has had a productive year. It has published blogs and books, held ‘conversations’ throughout the country, been the subject of both academic and ecclesiastical seminars, and been the object of media inquiries and symposiums.

“It certainly has many leaders in evangelical and mainline groups thinking.” Click here to read this entire news story.

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