1. E lizabeth Bennett

    I have watched Beth Moore in her recent presentations and noticed that she hardly refers to the Bible, or rarely if ever looks at scripture. She seems to mesmerize the audience with her forceful presentation and delivery and does not include the entire chapter, perhaps only one verse taken out of context. What spooked me the most was when she asked her entire audience to close their eyes and wait for God to speak audibly.

  2. Jo

    I’m new to your site and I haven’t even begun to explore it all yet….but I did read the short article about Beth Moore. I’ve been concerned about her for well over a year. Interesting that we left a church 8 yrs ago over one of the very issues Beth seems to be “ok” with (we weren’t!). We are more certain than ever we would have been compromised had we stayed, and it bothered us that there was so little discernment from others though we even tried speaking to the pastor. BTW, he spoke to my husband, but did not attempt to speak to me. I get that……! Will continue to read through your site! Thanks!

  3. Linda

    I am very glad I found this site. There is a great need for this because the facts of doctrine of salvation are so very compromised wherever we go nowadays. I need strengthening to be able to take a stand, and I think your site will help me develop that, with the Lord’s’ help (Who led me here). Thank you again. Linda

  4. Susan

    I’ve done all the Beth Moore Bible studies, and I’ve got all the different Bible translations. There’s just some things I disagree with y’all on, where we worship. Beth Moore is Southern Baptist like we are, some people just loves to criticize others.

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