3 Comments on TBN Pulls Plug on “Shack” Author’s New Book—Sort of . . .

Sarah Duncan said : Guest 2 days ago

Wm Paul Young’s episodes of Restoring the Shack have meant more to me, showed God’s unending pursuit of all, more than any one theologian. I am deeply distressed to be unable to find the daily episodes on TV or online. The enemy of our souls wants God’s message of love and relationship squelched. But fortunately the rocks will cry out before His message will be squelched!

Cathy Duran said : Guest 2 weeks ago

I was watching those episodes. They were removed. The world needs to know God's love, truly is unfailing.

Kay said : Guest 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed the show "Restoring the shack", the Bible clearly states, "You must be born again!! WE know that truth, so I will miss the show, but its ok we only want shows that truly are out of the Bible!

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