National Pastor’s Convention Using Occultic Enneagram

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An EnneagramNext year’s National Pastors Convention will be using an occultic tool called the Enneagram (see yesterday’s post about Enneagrams). The tool will be used during one of the Critical Concerns Courses. An introduction of the course, Understanding the Enneagram: Insights for Spiritual Transformation says “This course will provide personal and biblical perspectives from the Enneagram, an ancient tool being rediscovered in the church.”

Unfortunately, this “ancient tool” that is being “rediscovered” is just another New Age/contemplative practice that is being disguised as Christian by wrapping it with out of context scriptures and Christian terminology.

Considering that the National Pastors Convention is presented by Zondervan and Youth Specialties, it really comes as no surprise that they would introduce the enneagram. Zondervan Publishing is heading straight into the interspiritual camp, and if you watch the video clip we posted yesterday by Catholic priest William Menninger, you will see that the enneagram fits nicely with such interspiritual sympathies.

Incidentally, mantra proponent Gary Thomas (promoted by Focus on the Family and Rick Warren) will also be speaking at the National Pastors Convention. Thomas, in his book Sacred Pathways, tells readers they should repeat a word for 20 minutes.