Roger Oakland Removed from Calvary Chapel Radio!

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In less than 48 hours after Roger Oakland of Understand the Times posted an article (on 11/15/07) titled “Ichabod,” his radio program was removed from Calvary Chapel’s radio network, KWVE. Lighthouse Trails contacted KWVE on November 19th to confirm the removal and to find out the reasons that this took place. Richard McIntosh, KWVE station manager, confirmed the removal and told Lighthouse Trails that while he knew the reason, he would not comment. A secretary at KWVE suggested Lighthouse Trails speak with McIntosh’s boss for more information. She transferred the call to the office of Chuck Smith Sr. who was unavailable for comment at the time.

Below is a copy of a notice Roger Oakland posted regarding the removal of his program, which had been on KWVE for 15 years. Oakland, author of Faith Undone, a powerful expose’ on the emerging church, has become increasingly vocal about Christian leaders who have been promoting both the emerging church and New Age mysticism in the church. He has been lecturing and speaking throughout the world for over 20 years – many of the audiences have been Calvary Chapel churches and pastors. While Calvary Chapel’s founding pastor, Chuck Smith, spoke out against the emerging church and contemplative spirituality (including Purpose Driven which is a promoter of both movements) in 2006 (see documentation) many Calvary Chapel churches have continued promoting these movements as is the case in nearly every Christian denomination today.

Roger Oakland’s commentary on the removal of his program off KWVE:

Following the publication of the commentary “Ichabod” posted at our web site Thursday, November 15, our “Understand The Times” radio program that has been broadcast Monday through Friday on KWVE 107.9 for the past fifteen years was removed from the air. The final program KWVE was Friday, November 16, 2007.

For those who have been regular listeners, you will be able to continue to hear Understand The Times radio programs by going to and finding the “Webcasts” button on the home page. The link to the radio transcripts is under that button.

New Understand The Times programs are posted weekly. You will be also able to download the transcripts of each program or sign up for Understand The Times podcasts.

Further, when this announcement was made by the KWVE manager, Roger was in Rome speaking at a conference on Biblical Creation. Evidence was presented to support the Genesis record and the theory of evolution was exposed for what it is – great deception. Many people’s lives were impacted. God’s Word was proclaimed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. New doors are opening. God is on the throne. Jesus is coming soon!

Please pray for Roger, his family and the ministry of Understand The Times, at this time. Prayers are being answered and new doors for ministry are being opened, as other doors are closing.

Now gird up your loins, and arise and speak to them all which I command you, “Do not be dismayed before them, lest I dismay you before them. Now behold I have made you today as a fortified city, and as a pillar of iron and as walls of bronze against the whole land, to the kings and to the people of the land. And they will fight against you but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 1:17-19

Sincerely In Christ,

Roger Oakland

Understand The Times, International

For more information:

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Some Comments we have received about this announcement:

by Chris:
I am NOT totally amazed that Roger Oakland was taken off CC’s KWave after reading “Ichabod.” It was one of his BEST articles! As I read it, all I could think about was that he was exhorting the Calvary Chapels. (I was from one of the CC’s that had troubles.) I knew instantly, when I read “Ichabod” the other day, that the Holy Spirit had moved in Mr Oakland to reach out in a caring, Biblical way. I knew the ball was in CC’s court, and they dropped it. How sad.

I recently read Mr Oakland’s “Faith Undone” and all I could think was, “What a discerning man! What a blessing to us all who still believe that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God!” And now, with this move by the CC’s I look even more at Mr Oakland as a present day “Martin Luther”. May God continue to bless him with knowledge, wisdom, discernment, skill, and love to stay strong in the fight, in God’s power!

Thank you LTR for keeping us informed.
by Nancy
I find it so saddening to think KWVE would have removed Roger because of his STAND … yet I see they still carry Focus on the Family and David Jeremiah.

Pastor Chuck has had to confirm his own stand for God and his word, when his own son went emergent. Wonder what is going on!!! Ichabod was a great piece.
by Donna
It’s a shame that the Calvary Chapel radio program has removed Roger Oakland, but it is only another sign of the times in which we live. I firmly believe that we live in the Laodicean Age of the church & that many (the vast majority) of people who call themselves Christians & who faithfully attend church every Sunday are not Christians at all! More & more separations will come to those of us who love & speak & write the truth & so it must be b/c surely, Ichabod is written over all of these mega & many other churches who just go on w/ their programs but deny the Lord. Pursuing the truth, Donna

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