1. pa

    It does no good to speculate. It seems like the longer one is a Christian, the more one faces challenges to one’s faith. Had Keith Green lived beyond age 28, he may very well have become a “mystic” ala Brennan Manning. Who knows?

  2. steve blackwell

    The Jesus Movement was good. My wife and I both were a part of that great outpouring of truth but something was missing, as something was missing with nearly all of the great movements after the time of Constantine around 325 AD. For many years after my conversion, I desperately sought to fill a void in my heart even though I read my Bible daily, went to Church three times a week, and received a degree from Bible College. I finally found what was missing! What I discovered was that the teachers and pastors, who were leading the Church, were leaving out a couple of key elements in their message. These leaders taught love and freedom while at the same time denying these things in the practical outworking of their message. Not until the Radical Reformation of the Anabaptist did these things reappear on the radar of Christianity. The love and freedom they taught was a corrupted form which did not include true separation from the world and love of their enemies. All the well-known reformers of the Reformation compromised their message to include involvement in the governments of the world and the killing of their enemies, all, that is, except the Radicals who paid with their lives for believing such a radical doctrine of love and separation. “Our house has been left to us desolate,”

  3. Milton Sue

    As one who spent many years in Calvary Costa Mesa under Pastor Chuck Smith and now a grandparent l see the effect of false and bad teaching of today’s churches. So many young people brought up in Christian families are turning to drinking, drugs, partying, etc. because they don’t see God in their lives. The world has so many arrows in their quiver to destroy the lives of our loved ones. If the Lord tarries and our generation of Bible believers go home there will be no faith left on the Earth. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  4. CW

    One more thing: As one who was a church musician during the years when praise and worship music began and became popular, I have seen church service “praise teams” become performers instead of worshippers. This is so sad, and many congregations don’t even seem to realize it.

  5. CW

    A brief further comment: The music of the early Jesus Movement days was not a business. It was a ministry, period. Keith Green gave away albums to anyone who asked, and lots of singers gave concerts for free, no charge.

  6. CW

    Another Jesus Movement veteran signing in. 🙂 I was around young people in college whose lives had been profoundly transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and even though I did not yield my life to Him then, their impact on me was very real. A few years later, lost and undone, I gave my life completely and forever to Him. Instant change! Darkness to Light! The old was gone and the New was here! I can attest that the Jesus Movement was completely different from the Emergent “church” which is not Biblical at all. I did not know Keith Green personally, but I received his and Melody’s newsletters for several years (David Wilkerson often contributed), and they were a wonderful blessing as well as a challenge (Keith was like that, always challenging the status quo, always urging people to grow up in Christ). Precious Memories. 🙂 How wonderful it is to meet fellow believers here. And even better, to see that you are still faithful to the Lord, standing strong in His Word! I look forward to meeting you all in Heaven.

  7. Crystal Johnson

    I’m amazed how many here got saved in the 70s and I’m no exception. I got saved in 1977 in London and was transformed in a heartbeat! It was overwhelming. God installed me soon after in a solid church, with a solid Pastor and I thank God today that He did so. This Godly congregation taught/showed me great respect and honour for the Lord and His infallible, flawless Word and a love for Israel. Evangelism was like breathing for all of us…it was the norm! Unafraid to speak to Jesus and share Him on the streets with unsaved people in a time when it was ok to talk about sin and hell!!! What extraordinary days they were. I thank God for this grounding which has kept me in Him these last 40 plus years! Greetings to you all my precious brothers and sisters! Let’s remain standing in Him and for Him!! 🙂

  8. Mary Evans

    I worked with Last Days Ministries (Keith and Melody Green and staffers) for 2years, 1980-1982. Also attended Friday night Bible study and prayer meetings with many whose lives were no longer their own (to quote the apostle Paul). When 40-50 believers corporately pray face down on the floor, with the Holy Spirit’s presence so heavy we could hardly get up afterward, my life was forever changed. Although I was tempted by the enemy to follow the enticing nchantments of the unholy Spirit, the roots of Yeshua held me firmly in Him. We’re it not for the roots of the Word of God within, I could easily have mistaken lies for the Truth.

  9. Jeffry

    I would like to add one comment about my college days in the early seventies My major was History. A class about the French Revolution. It is about Robespierre. In June 1794, Robespierre appointed A Festival of the Supreme Being of himself. A mountain of paper with Robespierre at the top. This Cult of the Supreme Being was made up by Robespierre himself! The Reign of Terror in France sent thousands to the Guillotine. The French Revolution ended with Napoleon Bonaparte. How many anti-Christs have we seen since the French Revolution? Robespierre was guillotined himself. How many like Robespierre will we see before The Man of Sin arrives? Many colleges hate Christ and His Cross. The Jesus Movement was a warning to America. Thank God people were saved in those years. Churches need to turn back to their First Love. The Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. JMichael Pearson

    Jer. 2:11 Has a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? Jn.6:67 Will you go away also? Blessed is the man who chooses not to walk in the counsels of the ungodly, but would look unto the recompense of reward. Ps 1; Heb. 9:25-26 Many a King of the Old Testament started off well, not all finished well. We have such a deep well to draw forth the Living water, yet we hew out cisterns, broken cisterns. Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

  11. Andrew Crawford

    I was saved in 1972 out of the Episcopal Church through the Charasmatic Catholic movement. When they prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit, it was made very clear that they were not ‘imparting’ anything to us, but that Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit. Listen to the music from that time and much of it is focused on Jesus, not like the self-centered “worship” songs being produced today. I think Keith Green would have a lot to say about today’s Christian music. I miss his candor.

  12. Victor

    As a person who got saved (I think) in 1977, but quickly fell away, before returning to the Lord in 1994, I can see what has happened. People do NOT accept and revere the inerrancy, infallibility, authority and the sufficiency of the Word of God. I admit I do not always see things clearly, but one thing has sustained me – I am willing to accept and rely completely on the FACT that “All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” (2Ti 3:16-17 KJV) Whenever I wander God is faithful to bring me back into the fold because I rely completely on His Word. When there is any issue or conflict in my own reasoning or with other people about what is “right” I simply go back to “For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Heb 4:12 KJV) and rely on that. I know these scriptures by heart because I memorized them like God’s Word says I should. “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psa 119:11 KJV)

  13. Jeffry

    I played football at a Big Ten college in the early seventies. I can remember a small number of players that went to mass. Most of us had no time for The Lord. All religions of the world were offered. The Jesus Movement had a hard time at my liberal school. Those who believed in God were weak. ” You need a crutch”. I know they had meetings but never a gospel meeting. The Lord saved me July 1983. My wife and I are looking for a Bible Believing Church right now. We pray we find one soon.

  14. Theo Van Vliet

    I became a Christian in 1974 in Canada and joined a Jesus People church at that time. Our church had a strong focus on reading and memorizing the Word of God. Many of our worship songs were scriptures put to music. There was also a strong emphasis on sharing our faith with everyone that we met. We were gripped with the conviction that Jesus was coming again soon. The Holy Spirit gave us the power to overcome sin in our lives, and we truly loved each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord. There was an overflow of joy. In all these ways, the Jesus Movement was very different from the emergent church movement today. I’m sad to admit that I drifted away from the Lord in the 1990’s; but in 2008 I came to repentance and the Lord graciously restored the joy of my salvation. My prayer for others who may have known the Lord in the 1970’s but have drifted away (as I did) is that they too may return to their first love. Jesus may seem far away , but if you cry out to Him with all your heart, He will restore you back into fellowship with Himself as He did for me.

  15. Tom

    I know that many first-generation Calvary Chapel pastors are still teaching the Word of God, following the example of Pastor Chuck Smith, one of the Jesus Movement leaders.

  16. Deborah Henson

    I became a Born-again Christian in 1975 when I was just 17 years old. I was part of the Calvary Chapel Jesus movement in southern California. The difference between now and then, I believe, is that faith has been replaced with unquestioning participation and showmanship. I can’t explain it vey well — but the difference is very palpable. What used to be “laid back” is now irreverence and it seems to be expected behavior. I don’t get it. God is real. God’s Word is real. But many of the people I knew back in the 1970’s who I considered strong Christians — are walking very different paths now.

  17. Elizabeth Bennett

    Many young Jews believed on Jesus as their Messiah during this time and are now active in the Messianic congregations. Praise the Lord!

  18. John Whapshoty

    I’m 63 now, and I became a Christian in 1974, when I was still at school (I’m in the UK). We took God’s word at its face value; we told everyone we could about Jesus; we had no doubt God answered prayer, nor that we should exercise all the gifts of the Spirit. I learnt to be a worship leader when the organist at our church resigned in horror at all the young people who were joining. Then some of our group starting getting tapes from America by people such as Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin. They believed every word, even though it was not Biblical. And so the enemy got into our group. One lad committed suicide; my best friend became very liberal; one girl said she no longer believed in God. I have had any number of trials in my life, but my amazing wife and I still take God at His word, and He is ALWAYS faithful. The heretical, non-Biblical rubbish from the NAR and their ilk is NOTHING like the majority of the Jesus people I knew in the 70s. Although some have fallen away, I pray that God will keep or restore all those He brought to faith then. Yours in Jesus John Whapshott

  19. Sherra

    I have a question, have you guys ever done anything in Church Of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C)? This organization is one of the most ecumenical movements I’ve seen. They’ve incorporated Hinduism, Visualization, Chanting (to encourage speaking in tongues), they teach that the evidence of the Holy Ghost is speaking in tongues instead of tongues being gift. The Bishops dress like and are practically treated like catholic priest. Etc, etc. So I was just curious… I got saved in this abusive Christian Cult. And I still know so many who are still devoted followers. It’s so heartbreaking to see so many people suffer and fall away from the unbiblical teaching on the gift of tongues! Not to mention who are spiritually and financially bankrupt from the false teaching on tithes. On any given Sunday they collect 1. Sunday School 2. 2. Offering Offer of Consecration 3. Members offering 4. Speakers offering 5. Tithes 6. Mission offering 7. If there’s service (2) afternoon offerings 8. Young People Willing Workers (YPWW) offering 9. Evening (8:00 pm service) offering

  20. Gary Fennimore

    I was born again in the 70’s (1979) and I believe the spiritual fruit that reveals that one is truly born again is when that tree matures and not as a seedling. The Jim Jones tragedy occurred as I was witnessed to so I sought to check out every sermon as the Bereans did in Acts 17. I trusted no one when it came to the Scriptures. These Bereans even checked out Paul the Apostle and they were praised by him. That is what we need to today and I just did it because I knew what Jim Jones did; deception!!

  21. Luke

    Very well said. I grew up in the largest church in Philadelphia and My pastor growing up, was saved out of new age meditation and LSD during the Jesus Movement and has always warned the body about emergent, Purpose Driven, Charismania, Jesus Calling and The Shack and the like. Not something you often hear from a Pastor from a church of 10k people, but a true shepherd will protect the flock. Most people don’t sound the alarm because they fear losing donations more than fear God.

  22. Tess

    I needed to add something to my last coment.. I strongly believe what went wrong that many Christians from the Jesus movement today do not show a grounded Christian walk in biblical truth is because of the watered down and less powerful bible translations they were reading plus their pastors and teachers not guiding them to read the word of God more. It does seem to be in the person’s foundation.

  23. Tess

    Thank you so much for this refreshing article. I also was a hippie that got saved during that powerful Jesus movement .

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