1. Mac

    You need help. Opening up your mind is a beautiful thing. You should try it sometime. You’re so scared, always so scared of going to hell. Wake up. Connect with the universe and world around you. Connect with other people. Come out of your shell of dogma and ideas that defy nature and logic. Seriously, the only evil is the one that refuses to see the truth that is right in front of him. Be present with the rest of us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with meditation or yoga or clearing your mind or connecting with the energies around you. It’s called being part of something bigger. You of all people should understand that concept. You really have to open your mind a little.

  2. Tonia Rajala

    I am a preschool teacher at Head Start and am very concerned as we are going to be trained in and expected to implement Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline. After reading about it I am discovering the use of breathing techniques and am discovering these techniques in pranayama yoga practices. It also uses the terms mindfulness. I will not engage in, or teach children these practices and am also trusting God to deliver me from this.

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