Biometrics and Big Brother

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By Roger Oakland
Understand the Times, International

A trend is sweeping the world that has the potential of impacting every person on the planet. It will mandate the way we buy or sell consumer products or identify our location as we move from place to place. Rarely a day goes by without news explaining how citizens around the world are being processed for the purpose of global personal identification. In order to understand what is happening, you need to know what is meant by the term biometrics.

Consider the following statement from an article titled “China Expands Biometric Collection Program in Xinjiang.” The article explains how personal privacy is being violated in the world’s most populated country:

Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region are gathering DNA samples, fingerprints, iris scans and blood types from all residents between ages 12 and 65, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports. Some of the data is being collected under a program “Physicals for All,” which provides free annual medical examinations. Biometric data is also being collected from those considered a threat to stability, known as “focus personnel,” and their families, regardless of their age. Previously, all passport applicants in the region have been required to submit biometric data.[1] Click here to continue reading.

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