1. Roy Schlamp

    Also check out on you tube Jay Seegert Scientific evidence for the inspiration of the bible. On the Berean Call, 46:15 to 50:32 minutes.

  2. T. I. Miller

    I hope that asking such questions will lead some of them to try thinking on their own. At least it may plant seeds of doubt in the secular speak. The logic of Holmes is lost on the anti-creationist. “When all other possibilities are eliminated what ever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth”. Their foundational philosophy is that materialism alone is science. They make no allowance for the supernatural. In spite of overwhelming evidence they will never acknowledge an immaterial eternally self existent un-caused first cause. One so called brilliant scientist stated, ” Even with the complete absence of evidence for spontaneous generation it must be true to explain evolution”. Their is their answer, blood clotting spontaneously generated itself. Prov. 26: 4-5 Do not debate a fool as if his premise has any merit.

  3. CW

    Very profound! I am reminded from the Scriptures that “the life is in the blood”. This subject can hardly be more important to people’s health, i.e., ability to survive. Thank you for this. I haven’t read many of your articles about evolution vs. God’s Creation, but I will now.

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