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Elizabeth Bennett said : Guest 4 months ago

If people worship Mary and hardly ever read the Bible, as is done in monasteries and convents and the Vatican, how can they be born-again believers? Evangelicals are being fooled and they are ignorant of the history of the Roman Catholic Church (violence against non-Catholics, Inquisition, etc.). Our family will not be fooled ; my grandfather and father left the R. Catholic Church.

MsRhuby said : Guest 6 months ago

I like what T. I. Miller said: A little leaven levens the whole loaf.

Richard said : Guest 7 months ago

This isn't just about profound differences, this is about Christian leaders not taking God seriously in His warnings about staying away from false teachers and false teachings.

T. I. Miller said : Guest 7 months ago

A little leaven will absolutely leaven the whole lump. Have these people utterly forgotten every reason for the reformation movement? The anti-christ wont have to start a new religion from scrap. He can just take over this anti-biblical ecumenical movement. Every false religion has also incorporated deep contemplative meditation. The voice they hear tells them that God is in everyone and there are many paths to salvation.

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